Classic White Cotton Sheets

classic white cotton Sheets

These kind of sheets are not called classic for nothing. These Classic White Cotton Sheets will never go out of style, and you’ll enjoy their timeless appeal and clean aesthetic for as long as you like, because they are very easy to take care of. Made with sumptuously soft 100% cotton sateen fabric, these Classic White Cotton Sheets will fill your bed with comfort and add a clean look to your bedroom.

This particular set features an elegant double embroidered stripe in gray, and this sophisticated set comes with a flat and fitted sheet with two pillowcases. Throw them in the washer for easy care, and tumble dry on low heat to help them keep their crispness and brightness.

Soprano Sheet Set

Soprano Sheet Set

Embrace the comfort of a luxuriously feeling bed with this amazing Soprano Sheet Set. Made of a 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen, with a blanket-stitched hem, this Soprano Sheet Set will easily complement most bedspreads. It will also feel like 4-star hotel set of bedding, soft and high quality.

Simple and elegant in its execution, this sateen sheet set will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom decor. The Soprano sheet set fits up to a 21″ mattress and is available in classic hues of White, Glacier, Ivory, Taupe or Topaz. Like any good and convenient bedding set, this one is completely machine washable and you can toss it in the dryer (I recommend on low heat to preserve crispness) which makes it super easy to take care of.

Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Nothing says elegance like a truly well made Egyptian cotton set of sheets. You know that amazing feeling of the bedding in a luxury hotel? That’s what you’ll be getting with this sheet set.

If you want to create a heavenly bed, these Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets offer a truly luxurious feel. Ultra soft and smooth to the skin, the Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets feature a 400 thread count in a hemstitched solid 100% cotton sateen.

The set exudes sophistication and your room will be enhanced by the touch of elegance that these sheets provide. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors: Glacier, Gold, Ivory, Pearl, Pewter, White, and now Champagne, pick the one that suits your decor.

Geometric Cotton Sateen Sheets

geometric cotton sateen sheets

I love repeating pattern designs, especially geometric ones. I know what you’re thinking..why do you like repeating patterns, are you some kind of binary language speaking robot? Well, I’m not, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love the simple cool lines in this sheet set. These Geometric Cotton Sateen Sheets are right up my alley, and maybe they’ll be up yours too.

With subtle references to the avant-garde, the Geometric Cotton Sateen Sheets will look good in virtually any setting. Featuring an ultra soft, 300 thread count cotton sateen fabric, the set will not only look great, it will feel great! The soft fabric and the gorgeous geometric flower design make this set a real winner. Available in queen or king sizes – get yours today!