Base Camp Quilt Set

Base Camp Quilt Set

Bring a little bit of that homey comfort with you for your next adventures in the woods with this Base Camp Quilt Set. The Base Camp Quilt Set comes with a soft, yet durable twin quilt and one standard sham. Hand-made from 100% cotton, this Base Camp Quilt Set is made to provide warmth and comfort. Available in several different colors, the shams are conveniently quilted with ties on the back for easy transport. The set is also machine washable so feel free to get it nice and dirty!

These actually make great gifts. They look fabulous under the tree wrapped in a simple ribbon, and everyone loves getting a warm and comfy blanket as a present. Because they come in so many colors, you can get a few different ones and have them in different rooms in your house, and each one will bring a different aesthetic appeal to that room! I also love the texture of these blankets, which makes them unique and cozy-looking.

Daisies Print Mini Bedding Set

Daisies Print Mini Set

Daisies, daisies, we all love daisies! If you’re looking for a sophisticated but cute bedding set for a teenaged girl, or if you just love daisies, then this might be the ultimate bedding set for you!

Add a floral touch to your room with this delightfully colorful Daisies Print Mini Set. Featuring the vibrant colors of sienna, blue and lemon, the daisies certifiably ‘pop’ right off the taupe background. The Daisies Print Mini Set is also reversible, so flip over the quilt for another styling option. Made with 100% cotton, the set comes with one quilt and two standard sized shams.

Striped Mini Bedding Set

Stripe Mini Set

Mini sets are a great way to change up the entire look of your room, without having to buy a whole new bedding set, or even new furniture. The Stripe Mini Set is perfect if you want a room that brings a bit of the ocean right indoors. The Stripe Mini Set features the calming colors of dusk blue, parrot green, and citron stripes and has finely stitched braids that add intricate textures to the quilt. This amazing mini set will breath fresh ocean air into your room and what could be better than that?

Taupe Mini Bedding Set

Taupe Mini Set

Don’t write off taupe as a boring color! Its incredible versatile and does well in almost any pre-existing color palate that you might have to work with!The Taupe Mini Set is brilliantly simple and will add sophistication to your bedroom decor.

The gorgeous quilt is stitched in a diamond matelasse pattern and is bordered with a beautiful floral and compass rose motif. This delicate quilting adds such a nice texture to your bedding and you’ll definitely see and feel the elegance it possesses. Made of 100% cotton, the Taupe Mini Set comes with a quilt and two standard pillow shams.