Organic mattresses are those that are grown and produced with no synthetic chemicals. An organic mattress has many benefits for you and your children because of the natural materials it is safer and healthier. Many of the products used in organic mattresses are extremely beneficial because of the natural processes in production. The least expensive type is cotton mattresses up to the high end latex rubber and wool combination. Organic mattresses are safe for adults and children alike. Need more reason’s to make the switch to organic? Here’s five:

1. Wool has many benefits; it is a dust mite repellent and will keep those pesky critters away from you and your children. Wool is also a natural insulator and will keep you warm in winter and cold in summer, it also absorbs humidity.

2. Organic mattresses are hypoallergenic as they haven not been treated with toxins and chemicals. Hypoallergenic mattresses can reduce your child’s development of allergies as they are natural and will not harm the lungs with pesticides and other man-made chemicals.

3. Wool is a natural flame retardant so the mattress does not need to be treated with a synthetic retardant, making it a healthier and safer choice for you and your home.

4. Organic mattresses are environmentally friendly and biodegradable making them safer and easier to dispose of. You have the added piece of mind that workers who harvest organic wool and cotton are not exposed to man-made chemicals and pesticides.

5. A latex rubber and wool mattress has the great benefit of naturally molding to your shape for a better nights sleep. It supports the body preventing aches and pains caused by sleeping in the wrong position. Add organic bedding and you will have a fantastic night’s sleep.

Organic mattresses are incredibly beneficial to your health. When purchasing your organic mattress be sure to read the labels to make sure the products are 100% organic. Some organic mattresses are still treated with chemical fire retardants which is unnecessary especially with wool mattresses so be sure to inquire at your distributor or manufacturer about the products that make up your mattress.

Hypoallergenic, naturally flame retardant and biodegradable, an organic mattress is a safer healthier choice for you and your children. We spend over a third of our lives in bed, organic mattresses are important for your health and comfort. To really get green in the bedroom, combine your new mattress with organic bedding for a better nights sleep.

hypoallergenic organic mattresses

Nowadays, finding the right mattress is a lot easier than it used to be. A lot of information is provided for consumers, and you can easily find out exactly what you are looking for and how much you are going to have to spend in order to get your good night sleep every night. Allergies are a growing problem for many people around the world and those allergies can be caused by many factors, but being on top of your own health and by staying away from harmful materials is one way to secure a safe and healthy life, and in this case, a restful allergy-free night. Many older mattress are made from decidedly unhealthy materials, so you should start to think about the hypoallergenic option if you are an allergy sufferer.

Many manufacturers claim that their products are organic, but you should be warned that these claims are often misleading. As with anything that professes to be organic or sustainable, do the research on the company and make sure you spend your money on legitimate products! After all, you’ll be sleeping on that mattress for the next several years!

People who make the switch to organic, hypoallergenic mattresses and bedding say right away that they notice that their skin problems decrease and that their rashes and itchiness have almost completely disappeared. Often as is the case with organic things, the cost of the mattress will let you know what kind of quality you are getting for your money and how long it will last.

Energie Opus Eco-Friendly Mattress


To compliment the best eco-friendly bedding, you need the best mattress. The Energie Opus eco-friendly mattress is made from natural memory foam and will give you much better contouring support, but also maintains the soft and comfortable feel of a pillow-top.

The mattresses are made with 100% natural, allergy-free latex and topped with three inches of natural memory foam. This is not just an average mattress – the Energie Opus is a premium mattress that gives the owner much more comfortable and deep sleep.

Like all good quality natural mattresses, the Energie Opus contains none of the usual toxic chemicals associated with conventional memory foam and is dust mite deterrent and hypoallergenic as well as being
VOC and formaldehyde free.

latex mattress

The Organic Silhouette boasts all the benefits of the Organic Latex IV mattress, without the frame and adjustments. Covered in purely organic cotton. Mattress can be placed on a conventional, organic foundation.

The Natura Organic Silhouette Plush is a medium soft mattress that is great for back, stomach or side sleepers looking for a mattress that isn’t extremely soft, or firm. The four inches all natural Talalay latex used in the Organic Silhouette Plush combined with the Ash Wood Dual Slat Support System to be incredibly comfortable as well as supportive.

Organic Utopia Mattress

Organic Utopia Mattress

I was first drawn to this mattress because of all the great connotations that come with a name like Utopia! If you’re going to name your mattress after the most blissful possible world that could exist, then it had better bring me a pretty blissful rest at night!

The eco-friendly Utopia mattress combines three resilient layers of 100% natural rubber latex, available in three different densities which will help you customize your sleep. Each layer individually covered in a certified organic cotton gauze for protection and a contoured top layer for even more cushioning and air circulation. A soft zippered cover of certified organic cotton and a layer of premium Eco-Wool for natural flame resistance, comfort and moisture wicking.

Eco-Friendly Cloud Mattress

Cloud mattress

If the company that makes this mattress was trying to come up with a name that would perfectly describe the experience of sleeping on a great mattress, they could not have come up with a better name than CLOUD! This mattress really does feel like you’re sleeping on a pillowy white cloud that keeps you supported while keeping you more comfortable than you’ve ever been in bed.

The Cloud mattress is an eco-friendly pillow top mattress with two layers of 100% natural rubber latex, a 6” bottom layer and a 3” top layer. A total of 9” of ultra cushiony, conforming latex with a soft top-cover of certified organic cotton chambray with ample layers of certified organic cotton and eco-wool batting. Side- and bottom-covers of quilted, certified organic cotton fabric with layers of certified organic cotton and eco-wool batting.

Duet Mattress

The double-sided Duet 100% natural rubber mattress is a unique product. It combines the stability of a flat internal layer with the cushioning of a sculpted surface to create a mattress with a soft-yet-firm feel which is brought to you in pure organic comfort.

The Duet offers the support and resilient sleeping experience of an innerspring, but without the metal. Its specially designed five-zoned, sculpted surface layers reduce pressure-point discomfort and increase air circulation, while the middle layer provides the stability of a traditional European-style natural rubber mattress. Completely metal-free, this organic mattress’s natural rubber layers are covered on all sides with our durable, double-stitched quilted cover made of Naturally Safer® pure wool and certified organic cotton.

Euro Blue mattress

The Euro will give you an almost motion-free sleep, every night. It is best suited for sleepers of different weights and statures who share a bed, or for those who prefer a medium-firm to firm mattress. The metal-free Euro features a 6” supporting core of pure 100% natural rubber, covered on all sides with our durable, double-stitched quilted cover of Naturally Safer pure wool and organic cotton.

This mold-resistant, mildew-, and dust-mite-resistant mattress is handmade in Northern California from American organic raw materials.

If you are someone who requires a more firm mattress, then you might find that these kind of mattresses are perfectly suited to your needs, as they hold their shape, not only through the night, but throughout several years of use. Rubber-based mattresses are well-known for keeping their firmness.