organic kids bedding

Kid’s sensitive skin needs to be protected, and for that reason a number of parents are making the switch to organic bedding to protect their little prince and princess. In addition to providing softness and all-natural ingredients, organic bedding is flame resistant and available in a number of fantastic and decorative choices for both boy and girl.

Organic bedding including sheets, comforters, pillow cases and bumpers are available and can easily be found in a number of places. Many other pieces of bedding may also be available. If you are trying to find where to buy organic bedding for kids, start your search on the web of course! With a search the kind of bedding you are looking for (in this case – organic bedding) you should be able to find many outlets, stores and kids stores offering organic options. Try popular sites such as Amazon. com and as well.

Many local children’s stores also carry this type of bedding. They most likely offer a website as well for your convenience. Try, one of the largest toy stores for kids of all ages. While you’re at it, seek out any consignment stores local to you. Consignment stores sell new and used baby clothing and gear at a fraction of the cost, and you never know what you will stumble upon.

Now you know where to buy organic baby bedding for kids and can offer your child the best when it is time to rest. Be sure to check out a couple of different places before you make a purchase so that you to find the widest selection and the best prices.

organic baby crib mattress

As you plan for your new baby, the need for a crib and a quality mattress will eventually need to be addressed. But what kind of mattress should you purchase? The lower priced standard type mattress, or a slightly higher cost organic mattress?

The standard crib mattress comes with quite a few features you may not know about, but should be warned about. The standard synthetic mattress can give off lethal fumes as it ages, and has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Also, the life span is said to much shorter with the standard synthetic mattress.

The organic crib mattress on the other hand, is a much safer alternative. There are no fumes to worry about as the mattress ages, and the life span is going to be much longer due to being made from natural sturdy materials like wool and cotton. You wont have to worry about dried cracked plastics and the potential fire danger of an old and aging synthetic mattress.

While the cost of the organic crib mattress may be higher then the standard synthetic design, the advantages are well worth the extra buck or two. A healthier baby makes for a happier baby, and we all want our children safe, healthy and happy. And with the added life span, your next child may enjoy the same comfort and safety as their older siblings. Definitely worth the little bit of extra money.

kids safe bedding

When you are purchasing a mattress and bedding for your children, you want to consider several factors. Of course you want the bedding to match the decor of their bedroom, but there are safety and health issues that need to come first.

Firstly, you would be wise to invest in a mattress pad. Kids have accidents all the time, and you want something protecting the mattress that you can clean. Stained mattresses aren’t healthy for little ones to sleep in, and replacing a mattress is an expensive endeavor for any family.

Another feature to be mindful of are the materials that that the fabric is made of. We recommend choosing organic materials when shopping for kids and baby’s bedding. Many children are highly sensitive to non-organic, non-hypoallergenic fabric. Cotton and wool are the best fabric materials, and even bamboo is a good choice. These are breathable materials, so moisture can be released from the organic kid’s bedding.

Don’t forget pillows! What your kid’s pillows are filled with should be paid attention to. Great pillows are those made with down filling, as they are cool and comfortable. You might also want to investigate molded hypoallergenic foams for children with allergies. Pillows with foam bead filling should be avoided since it has been known to be a choking hazard.

Organic Waffle Cradle Bedding Set

A stylish 3 piece cradle set in natural colors by Tadpoles™. The soft, thick waffle weave cotton is pleasing to the touch and creates a healthy environment for baby to rest in. The luxurious waffle weave fabric of the organic waffle cradle bedding set is made of 100% certified organic cotton.

A soft organic cotton flannel sheet matches the binding on the padded waffle weave bumper and cozy backing on the reversible waffle weave blanket. Don’t worry about the sizing – this bedding fits all standard cradles.

Naturally, this kind of organic cotton is extremely easy to keep clean. To maximize the lifespan of your cradle bedding, just wash it in cold water, and if you can, let it air dry on a clothesline.

Cotton Monkey Pure White Organic Crib Bedding

Crafted to protect your baby’s soft and beautiful skin, try Pure White Organic Crib Bedding Set from Cotton Monkey. Snuggle your baby into luxurious bedding made from cotton grown without chemicals and pesticides. This collection is made from 100% certified organic cotton fabric and batting that is not treated with any formaldehyde or chlorine bleach.

The Cotton Monkey prints and colors are fun and cheerful, dyed/printed with non-toxic, fiber reactive, water based pigments and dyes. Delightfully soft to the touch, this bedding is extra simple to care for, just be sure to wash it and dry it on the coldest settings to ensure it maintains its quality.