California King Comforter Set

If you want a bedding set that’s understated, yet elegant, the California King Comforter Set is perfect for you. This traditional set will be an excellent addition to your home with it’s subtle beauty and soft gray and green colors. The California King Comforter Set features a gold woven design that’s tastefully incorporated into the set. For a cohesive look, the bedskirt has been adorned with the same colors and pattern. This set comes with everything you need to complete the look of a tasteful and inviting bedroom.

Because it comes with everything you need, this is a great all-in-one gift for someone who just got a new king sized bed, or is handy to keep in the linen closet for a quick re-design of the bedroom! Remember, this is a cotton set, so keep it clean by washing in cold water and either air drying it or drying it on a very cool setting on your dryer.

Complete King Comforter Set

Complete King Comforter Set

You’ll feel like a King in this Complete King Comforter Set. The pinnacle of comfort, the Complete King Comforter Set is luxuriously designed to give you the very best in bedding. Why not treat yourself like royalty and give your bedroom a dazzling look and feel! This set features earthy colors of brown and green, and with unmatched quality you might never want to leave the bedroom.

I found this particular set while looking for the perfect guest room bedding for a client’s upscale cottage in the country. They wanted something that looked sophisticated and also used the lovely earthen tones you see here. As well, it has a slightly rustic look that I think fits into the cottage/cabin aesthetic quite nicely. If these colors don’t suit your fancy but you like the style, you may be interested to learn that the set is also available in Gold and Burgundy.

Arizona 10 Piece King Comforter Set

Arizona 10 Piece King Comforter Set

Bring home a bit of the Arizona desert with this stunning Arizona 10 Piece King Comforter Set. Featuring an array of vibrant colors, the Arizona 10 Piece King Comforter Set will give your room a splash of rusty reds, greens, and browns. This gorgeous ensemble will totally energize the look of your bedroom decor, and you’ll love it so much, you might never want to leave!

This set boasts an impressive 10 pieces, so just what comes with it? Well, it comes complete with everything you need, including a comforter, two pillow shams, bed skirt, three Euro shams, two pillows, and a bolster pillow. You’ll have a complete bed set in one simple order! Because this set is so well made and has thick cording on all pieces, it will ensure you get long lasting quality and comfort.

Embroidered Flowers King Comforter Set

If you love the delicate beauty of flowers, and who doesn’t, than you’ll love and appreciate the beauty of this Embroidered Flowers King Comforter Set. Filling your room with elegance, this set features soft shades of cocoa and sand, and remarkable detailing in the embroidered flowers motif. The tastefully embellished decorative pillows bring the whole look together, and thick cording enhances wearability.

Give your room a romantic sensibility and be treated to unparalleled comfort and style for years to come. When I came across this particular comforter and bedding set, I was blown away that it wasn’t a handmade one-of-a-kind bedspread, because that’s what it looks like it is! It has the intricacy and delicacy of a blanket that’s been in the family for years, and will give any bedroom that comforting look and feel.

Striped Rust and Gold Comforter Set

Striped Rust and Gold Comforter Set

Rust and gold aren’t the usual colors people look for when they’re looking for a color scheme for their bedroom, but I recently had a client who wanted dark orange and gold accents in their bedroom, so when I happened upon this set while shopping for their master bedroom, it was a very lucky find that fit in perfectly with their design aesthetic and which the client absolutely fell in love with when they saw it in their bedroom.

If you need a little warmth in the bedroom, in more ways than one, the Striped Rust and Gold Comforter Set is just for you. Filling your room with warm hues of rusty brown and gold, this ultra comfortable set will make your bedroom a welcoming place to be. The comforter is oversized to accommodate today’s larger and thicker mattresses and the set comes with everything you need to complete the look of your decor. Infuse some personality and life into your home with this outstanding Striped Rust and Gold Comforter Set.

14 Piece King Comforter Set

14 Piece King Comforter Set

I was shopping online for a client who wanted a complete bedding set in these exact colors (which I love by the way!) and came across this fantastic set. I probably had the exact same thought as you did when you saw this post! How can a bedding set possibly have 14 pieces! Well, take a look!

I love a simplistic approach to a bedding ensemble and this 14 Piece King Comforter Set perfectly exemplifies this. Featuring a solid sage green comforter set against a chocolate brown bedskirt, this set focuses on color combinations and great attention to detail. This charming set has thick cording on all pieces to enhance wearability and style. With 14 pieces in the set, you can be sure you have everything to complete the look of your new and sophisticated bedroom decor.

Modern King Comforter Set

This modern-day King Comforter Set is in-fashion and playful. The super sized modern Maze Comforter Set will inspire your bedroom with personality and flair. The modern king comforter is oversized to better fit today’s higher beds and thicker mattresses. Look for great details like cording in the seams, pin tuck stitching and beautifully embellished decorative seams.

I came across this particular set while looking for the perfect bedding for a client who wanted a pattern on their comforter, but didn’t want to have too much color, since their bedroom walls were quite dark. The client appreciated the texture in this bedspread as well, which has some nice detailing.

Striped King Comforter Set

Strike a prime balance between classic and modern with timeless stripes with this bold, yet sublimely subtle bedding set. I love the soft stripes of cocoa and light blue on cream, and would put this in a master bedroom or in a guest room.

This collection features a coordinating bed skirt and decorative pillows to complete the ensemble. Featuring thick cording to enhance wearability, this Striped King Comforter Set from Hallmart offers quality and comfort that will last for years to come. In addition, this comforter is oversized for today’s mattresses, with cording on all four sides to enhance wearability.

Kyoto King Comforter Set

The Kyoto King Comforter Set is an excellent way to create a stunning asian-inspired motif in your bedroom decor. With it’s vibrant colors of gold, orange and red, the Kyoto King Comforter Set features botanical accents with textured detail for an elegant touch. Decorative pillows and bedskirt are beautifully matched to create a finished look. Not only does this set look gorgeous, it is made to last.

The bedding’s thick cording enhances durability and the quality of the materials will last you for years to come. As far as care and cleaning goes, as usual I recommend air drying your bedding if you have access to a clothesline, as this will extend the life of your bed sheets and duvet covers.

Ornate Brown King Comforter Set

Brown King Comforter Set

This rich brown King comforter set boasts superior comfort and serious luxury. Just looking at the picture of this set, makes me want to jump in that bed and make myself at home. The sophistication of the design and it’s elegant appeal, make this ornate set a winning product.

The color palette of those deep browns will create an atmosphere of pure luxury in the bedroom. The brown king comforter set comes with a king comforter, king bedskirt, and two king shams. If you want your bedroom to have a regal (Game of Thrones themed bedroom perhaps?) then this bedding set will be the perfect place to start your redecorating.