Soprano Sheet Set

Soprano Sheet Set

Embrace the comfort of a luxuriously feeling bed with this amazing Soprano Sheet Set. Made of a 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sateen, with a blanket-stitched hem, this Soprano Sheet Set will easily complement most bedspreads. It will also feel like 4-star hotel set of bedding, soft and high quality.

Simple and elegant in its execution, this sateen sheet set will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom decor. The Soprano sheet set fits up to a 21″ mattress and is available in classic hues of White, Glacier, Ivory, Taupe or Topaz. Like any good and convenient bedding set, this one is completely machine washable and you can toss it in the dryer (I recommend on low heat to preserve crispness) which makes it super easy to take care of.

Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets

Nothing says elegance like a truly well made Egyptian cotton set of sheets. You know that amazing feeling of the bedding in a luxury hotel? That’s what you’ll be getting with this sheet set.

If you want to create a heavenly bed, these Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets offer a truly luxurious feel. Ultra soft and smooth to the skin, the Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheets feature a 400 thread count in a hemstitched solid 100% cotton sateen.

The set exudes sophistication and your room will be enhanced by the touch of elegance that these sheets provide. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors: Glacier, Gold, Ivory, Pearl, Pewter, White, and now Champagne, pick the one that suits your decor.

Black and White Linen Edge Sheet Set

DwellStudio Linen Edge Sheet Set

Looking for a sharp and sexy black and white sheet set that will bring a whole new level of sophistication to any bedroom? You’re going to love this awesome set from Dwell Studios. Asian-inspired patterns combine with sleek styling in this DwellStudio Linen Edge Sheet Set. Woven from pure Egyptian combed cotton, an indulgent 320-thread-count weave makes certain of skin-caressing softness.

The exaggerated linen trim creates a polished finish, and classic black strikes a pleasing contrast against the smooth vellum background. This striking bedding collection combines an elegantly scrolling motif with crisp, clean borders. At home in any modern contemporary bedroom setting.

800 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Woven from long staple Egyptian cotton, this 800 count pure cotton satin bed linen is beautifully soft to touch, with a luxuriously thick feel. People who are looking for fantastically soft sheets which will last a long time (even after repeated washings and drying cycles) will find that these sheets will not get thinner or pill, which is one of the major bonus features of Egyptian style cotton sheets.

The sateen finish gives a lovely natural silkiness and subtle sheen to the bedlinen. The flat sheets come with a subtle fold detail, whilst the Oxford pillowcase has a single row of satin cord stitching. The thread count in this particular set is one of the most luxurious you can buy, and its actually not as expensive as you might expect.

If you are curious about what makes Egyptian cotton so desirable, take a look at our post on what exactly Egyptian cotton is.