organic vegan bedding

When someone says the word “vegan,” what do you think of? Most likely your response will be food, or a special diet. And while this lifestyle, which rejects not just meat but anything made from animal byproducts, is the most prevalent thing connected with that word in mainstream culture. However, there are other ways to observe a vegan lifestyle that have nothing to do with what you put in your mouth.

Vegan bedding and mattresses are those made with no components derived from animals of any kind. Therefore, you won’t find any wool used in a vegan mattress, because wool obviously comes from an animal. Instead, plant products like natural latex are used to give the mattress it’s softness. Sheets and comforters can be made from hemp or organic cotton.

Vegan bedding also has added heath benefits touted generously by those that use them, chief among them being that no potentially harmful chemicals are used in their making because they’re made from only natural products. Organic mattresses and bedding are also rumored to help those who suffer extensively from allergies and asthma due to their construction making these products dust mite-resistant.

So, if you’re looking to practice a greener, more organic lifestyle, where might you be able to find a vegan outfit for your bed? A good first stop would be, a website specializing in all things organic, particularly hemp and organic cotton. Their products are all made either in the United States or Europe, and guaranteed “sweatshop free.” Organic cotton sheets start at twelve dollars, and hemp ones at twenty six. While you’re there, and if you’re feeling curious, you can peruse the assortment of other homeopathic and organically-made products in their online shop.

For a vegan-friendly mattress, pay a visit to, purveyor of the Cozy Pure mattress. Their vegan mattress line features four vegan mattresses, all with batting made from organic plant fibers. Both innerspring and spring-free models are offered, so you can choose according to your preference.

The Furniture Home Design Store also has a wide selection of eco-friendly bedding, including organic cotton and bamboo sheets and comforters. is yet another place to find vegan-oriented bedding and products. They offer a comforter made entire from bamboo viscose fiber as part of their catalog. This website has the added benefit of a whole slew of products for infants. Everything from organic crib mattresses to organic crib sheets and blankets can be found on ecosleepshop in addition to an extensive canon of comforters, pillows, sheets, and the like.

Organic Crib Bedding

NettoCollection is an eco-friendly company. They use only sustainably harvested wood, and all their blended materials meet the stringent European “E1” toxicity standards. Lastly, their finishes are non-toxic and non-VOC emitting. This Organic Crib Bedding from NettoCollection is made from 100% certified organic cotton and wool.

The Mattress Pad is 100% certified organic quilted cotton and can be used under the NettoCollection Organic Cotton Crib Fitted Sheet or over the NettoCollection Organic Wool Mattress Protector to keep mattress dry. Organic Crib Bedding from NettoCollection is luxurious, while looking fresh and crisp.

Organic Forest Duvet Cover

Organic Forest Duvet Cover

Looking for a way to make your bedroom into a zen garden getaway? Then you should check out the Organic Forest Duvet Cover and Sham set, available at West Elm. It’s perfect if you want to bring the outdoors in, and would make a really wonderful addition to the bedrooms at your cabin or cottage. You don’t have to have a cabin to feel like your bedroom has a rustic design appeal, you can simply get a duvet cover like this and bring the calming feel of the garden into your space.

Printed on 300-thread-count organic cotton sateen, the Organic Forest Duvet is machine washable. And, because it is EKO Sustainable Textile certified using GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Exchange) you can feel good about your purchase, knowing that this organic bedding is as eco-friendly as it is gorgeous.