DwellStudio Talon Throw Pillow

DwellStudio Talon Throw Pillow

As usual with products from Dwell Studio, this Talon throw pillow manages to capture the simple elegance of an understated flourish design with easy-to-match colors that will fit right into any room you want them to live in. I absolutely love the unique and beautiful patterning on these pillows, and can see them looking fantastic on any sofa or chair that has a minimal look with either black or white covering or another muted color without too much going on in the way of patterns or textures, as these pillows will take center stage.

This print design from DwellStudio is all the rage right now in interior design. DwellStudio Talon Throw Pillows can be “thrown” wherever you want. These throw pillows are 100% linen – we love that they are a natural fabric. Linen adds texture and a little bit of exoticism to your decor.

DwellStudio Pyramids Sheet Set

DwellStudio Pyramids Sheet Set

I recently saw the DwellStudio Pyramids Sheet Set collection in a store window. I noticed them from across the street. They really are striking in person and grab your attention. They are bold and beautiful and exotic. They are a classic take with a touch of modernity, this charming collection has everything you need to give your bed that cozy feel and look.

This fantastic sheet set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillow case, and best of all its crafted from 100% cotton percale. Boost the look of this collection with Pyramid Collection accent pillows. You can clean them very simply, just wash and dry on the coolest settings that your washer and dryer will allow.

DwellStudio Sketch Duvet

DwellStudio Sketch Duvet

Illustrating the first pencil sketch of a pattern and the beginning of an idea, this new set by Dwell studio showcases their attention to design details. I love the complete simplicity of this duvet cover, with its extremely subtle patterning and elegant white with fine lines of pattern. It combines elements of both masculine and feminine attributes, which makes it the perfect design for anyone’s bedroom.

DwellStudio Sketch illustrations focus on reducing the decorative to its essential elements, creating a fresh, minimal style. Available in a rich color-palette of deep ink on manila, this duvet cover would look great with a number of different colors if you’re looking for something perfect to match your current sheet set. It’s also made of 100% cotton sateen and has a luxurious 400 thread count.

DwellStudio Owl Pillow

DwellStudio Owl Pillow

Owls are “owl” the rage this year. I’ve seen them on everything from coffee mugs, to apparel, to jewelry. They can be crafty, trendy or realistic, and not to mention wise. I love the idea of gifting this to a new mother to put in their baby’s nursery, or to your friend who loves unique and funky items in their home.

This boudoir pillow made from cotton canvas with applique also happens to be eco-friendly. Soft, all natural cotton abloom with a sea of sweet blossoms, this delicately embroidered pattern is a modern update on eco-friendly style.

DwellStudio is legendary for making quality, trendsetting home apparel items that you and your family will treasure, and this owl throw pillow is not exception.

Black and White Linen Edge Sheet Set

DwellStudio Linen Edge Sheet Set

Looking for a sharp and sexy black and white sheet set that will bring a whole new level of sophistication to any bedroom? You’re going to love this awesome set from Dwell Studios. Asian-inspired patterns combine with sleek styling in this DwellStudio Linen Edge Sheet Set. Woven from pure Egyptian combed cotton, an indulgent 320-thread-count weave makes certain of skin-caressing softness.

The exaggerated linen trim creates a polished finish, and classic black strikes a pleasing contrast against the smooth vellum background. This striking bedding collection combines an elegantly scrolling motif with crisp, clean borders. At home in any modern contemporary bedroom setting.

DwellStudio Graphic Knit Blanket

DwellStudio, one of Organic Mattress and Bedding.com’s favourites, makes all sorts of things. All of their collections are fresh, bold, funky and modern feeling. They make stuff for adults, kids and babies. We especially love their graphic prints for kids and babies.

The DwellStudio Graphic Knit Blanket features an array of hip animal graphics, in a range of sophisticated palettes— these blankets add a comfortable touch wherever you need one. They are mostly a blend of cotton and bamboo, too. Not only would this easy-to-wash baby blanket be perfect for your baby, it would also make a great gift for a baby shower!

Chinois Blue Draper Stripe Duvet Collection

Absolutely contemporary bedroom bedding with modern design features and simple details, the Chinois Blue Draper Stripe Duvet Collection is the ultimate in bedding. I adore the earthy hues of this striped duvet accented by a soft brown trim, that make it unique while maintaining that classic look. Made of super soft 100% cotton percale, this duvet collection will be just as cozy as it is stylish.

Anything and everything that is needed to complete your bedding set has been added to this selection, whether it be a cozy coverlet, additional sheets, pillows or shams, this bedding collection has it all! My new favourite bedding collection!

DwellStudio Organic Crib Bedding Collection

The DwellStudio Organic Crib Bedding Collection will create an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury. A smart choice for parents everywhere, the bedding is certifiably organic and provides the highest quality sleeping environment that’s not only comfortable, but safe.

The DwellStudio Organic Crib Bedding Collection is made with pure organic cotton and is not treated with any chemicals or dyes. This prevents your child from exposure to any potentially harmful chemicals. The bedding in this colletion is also a delight to look at and will create a beautiful and charming feel in your child’s nursery.

DwellStudio Organic Knit Blanket

DwellStudio Organic Knit Blanket

If you saw any of the nurseries that I’ve decorated over the years, you’d see that I am a huge fan of DwellStudio and all of the wonderful products they make for your baby’s nursery. Gorgeous colors, patterns and material in modern and cute designs.

Start your child’s life off right with smart eco-friendly choices. The DwellStudio Organic Knit Blanket is a great way to do this as this blanket will provide warmth and comfort, while ensuring your child is not subjected to potentially harmful chemicals.

Made completely from organic unbleached Egyptian cotton, your baby will love the feeling and coziness of the DwellStudio Organic Knit Blanket. This blanket is a great choice for parents out there, and would also make a wonderful gift.