California King Comforter Set

If you want a bedding set that’s understated, yet elegant, the California King Comforter Set is perfect for you. This traditional set will be an excellent addition to your home with it’s subtle beauty and soft gray and green colors. The California King Comforter Set features a gold woven design that’s tastefully incorporated into the set. For a cohesive look, the bedskirt has been adorned with the same colors and pattern. This set comes with everything you need to complete the look of a tasteful and inviting bedroom.

Because it comes with everything you need, this is a great all-in-one gift for someone who just got a new king sized bed, or is handy to keep in the linen closet for a quick re-design of the bedroom! Remember, this is a cotton set, so keep it clean by washing in cold water and either air drying it or drying it on a very cool setting on your dryer.

Ornate Comforter Set

Ornate Comforter Set

If you want to make a statement in the bedroom, what better way than to do it with the color of gold. This Ornate Comforter Set features a bold ornate floral pattern set against a graphic of lattice. The Ornate Comforter Set features a great combination of deep browns and gold and you surely see and feel the impact that this set in the bedroom. Great attention has been paid to the finer details on this set, with thick cording added on all pieces to enhance durability. This set has everything you need to transform your bedroom into a regal looking affair.

Comforters with complex and ornate patterns like this are often used in hotels and at cottages, because they are easy to keep up as far as appearance goes. This makes them ideal for guest rooms, and as mentioned, for bedding at the cottage or lakehouse, where it is far greater a chore to constantly be washing and drying bedding.

14 Piece King Comforter Set

14 Piece King Comforter Set

I was shopping online for a client who wanted a complete bedding set in these exact colors (which I love by the way!) and came across this fantastic set. I probably had the exact same thought as you did when you saw this post! How can a bedding set possibly have 14 pieces! Well, take a look!

I love a simplistic approach to a bedding ensemble and this 14 Piece King Comforter Set perfectly exemplifies this. Featuring a solid sage green comforter set against a chocolate brown bedskirt, this set focuses on color combinations and great attention to detail. This charming set has thick cording on all pieces to enhance wearability and style. With 14 pieces in the set, you can be sure you have everything to complete the look of your new and sophisticated bedroom decor.

Tropical Inspired Comforter Set

Tropical Inspired Comforter Set

Do you love pina coladas? Getting caught in the rain? How about going on vacation to a warm beach with a hotel suite that looks out over the bright blue ocean while palm trees blow in the breeze? How would you like to recreate that feeling in your own home?

If you can’t get enough floral print action, I think this Tropical Inspired Comforter Set has your name written all over it. The Tropical Inspired Comforter Set will undoubtedly transform your bedroom into a lush tropical garden. Featuring a colorful and vibrant floral print on black, this set is definitely eye-catching and will bring a lot of vividness to your bedroom. Made of 50/50 polyester and cotton blend, the set includes a comforter, bedskirt, and pillow shams. Let your love of outdoors be known by purchasing this Tropical Inspired Comforter Set.

Khaki Striped Comforter Set

Khaki Comforter Set

Khaki and stripes. Stripes and khaki. They are both considered classic looks when it comes to textiles and there’s a very good reason! Which you can see here in this awesome comforter set! Two very popular fashion design elements come together to make a comforter set that has universal appeal. The warm Khaki Comforter Set will look outstanding in virtually every type of home decor. Focusing on simplicity, the Khaki Comforter Set shines with its earthy colors and stripe on stripe weave.

The combination of solid brown on solid khaki adds a nice dimension to the look of this set. In addition to that, the Khaki Comforter Set has thick cording to enhance durability. Everything you need to complete the look of your bedroom is included in this classic looking set.

Elm Comforter Set

Elm Comforter Set

Tree motifs are everywhere in design these days, much to my great happiness! I love the look and I’m always happy when a client expresses interest in incorporating this popular look into their bedroom – a place which should invoke the calming and gentle presence of elm trees. Bring a touch of nature into your bedroom with this beautiful and stylish Elm Comforter Set. Evoking a natural and organic appeal, the Elm Comforter Set features an embroidered tree motif, done in a taupe color.

The combination of the tree motif on a cotton blend of soothing earthy tones, makes for a stunning and simply elegant comforter set. Your room will be transformed to a haven of comfort and serenity. Beyond the aesthetic nature of this great comforter, you will be treated to feeling of 100% organic cotton.

Nature Inspired Duvet Set

The Nature Inspired Duvet Set is a beautiful design that will fill your bedroom with the beauty of mother earth herself. Delicate silhouettes and artfully rendered graphics of trees, bring forth the essence of nature. I love picturing this set in a calm, serene bedroom with off-white walls and hardwood floors.

The Nature Inspired Duvet Set features soft pastel colors of purple and the feminine touch is certainly at play here. The matching pillow shams really complete the look and help create a tranquil look for your bedroom decor. All items in the set are made with a 300 thread count and with easy care in the washing machine, this is a winning product.

Brown Sateen Duvet Set

If you want to create an earthy and natural feel in your bedroom, this Brown Sateen Duvet Set will give you all that and more. Featuring an oversized print of bronzed leaves that gradually blend into a crisp white, the Brown Sateen Duvet Set is a delicate design that evokes a calm and understated beauty.

The earthy graphics, in combination with the set’s luscious rich brown color will create a space of comfort that you’ll never want to leave. Add on top of that a duvet made with silky cotton sateen, and you have a recipe for pure bedtime bliss. As far as cleaning sateen goes, make sure you wash AND dry sateen in cool water and in a cooler dryer, to ensure that your bedding lasts as long as possible in the best condition.

New York Style Duvet Set

New York Style Duvet Set

The New York Style Duvet Set takes a playful approach to the bedroom with vivid colors, and bold contrasting graphics. A powerful and balanced blend of black, white, and pop yellow, this duvet will give your room a fresh updated look. Inspired by New York’s urban loft sophistication, the New York Style Duvet Set will give you just that, and dazzle your room with the beauty of embroidered songbirds.

In addition to this, gorgeous silhouettes of branches and botanicals complete the look and create a fun and artsy duvet. I should also mention that the duvet cover is made with cotton sateen, so you’ll be treated to deliciously silky fabric every night, as well as a relatively easy cleaning regimen, provided that you wash and dry it in cooler temperatures.

Chinois Blue Draper Stripe Duvet Collection

Absolutely contemporary bedroom bedding with modern design features and simple details, the Chinois Blue Draper Stripe Duvet Collection is the ultimate in bedding. I adore the earthy hues of this striped duvet accented by a soft brown trim, that make it unique while maintaining that classic look. Made of super soft 100% cotton percale, this duvet collection will be just as cozy as it is stylish.

Anything and everything that is needed to complete your bedding set has been added to this selection, whether it be a cozy coverlet, additional sheets, pillows or shams, this bedding collection has it all! My new favourite bedding collection!