Goose Down Pillow

Goose Down Pillow

You can’t get much more luxurious in the pillow department than goose down pillows. These are the pillows that you find on your bed when you stay in a five-star hotel or at a luxury spa. They are to die for!

If you want to enhance your sleeping experience, a Goose Down Pillow is a great way to do this. This Goose Down Pillow is luxury at its very best. Made of European white goose down fill with a 600 loft fill power, you can be rest assured you’re getting top notch support for your head and neck. The Goose Down Pillow is perfect for back and front sleepers.

Royal Velvet Signature 300-Thread-Count White Down Pillow

Stuffed with high end European down, the Royal Velvet Signature White Down Pillow will give you a comfortable night’s sleep. As part of the Signature collection, the pillow balances quality and affordability to offer great value. Includes a removable 300-thread-count cotton zippered pillowcase.

Beneath this layer, a 233-thread-count cotton inner cover securely houses the pillow’s fill. For the benefit of allergy sufferers, the down has gone through an antimicrobial treatment process that results in the prevention of bacteria growth.

You cannot beat the temperature control and extreme comfort of a down pillow, trust me! When I finally made the switch from synthetic filling to down, I decided I could never go back!

Pacific Coast Down Embrace Pillows

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I know people (including myself) who for years used pillows with synthetic filling, and had their sleeping lives completely changed by switching over to down filled pillows. The most significant thing you’ll notice isn’t comfort level (which is improved) but temperature regulation. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, down seems to have a sixth sense about the perfect temperature for your sleepy head!

The ultimate all down pillow for softness and support. This patented design concentrates down in a centralized single chamber for more head support with a surrounding outer layer of down for luxurious softness.The Pacific Coast Down Embrace Pillows features 550 fill power white goose down construction – pillow-in-a-pillow construction, 300 thread count, 100 percent cotton with 10″ chamber edge double needle corded edge package.