Inhabit Why Not Pillow

Anyone who has been in my home knows how much I love graphic prints featuring typeface and lettering! I love things like this pillow! They allow parts of my personality to really shine through in my decorating, and they look fabulous!

I simply love these pillows from Inhabit. From the Graphic Pillows collection, they feature different sayings on the front, such as “Why Not?” and “Change Your Life”. On the reverse is an encouraging write-up relating to the saying. Plus, these pillows are made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester, are handprinted and handmade, and use environmentally-friendly inks with no chemical waste or disposal generated. The Inhabit Why Not Pillow is recyclable at the end of its life-cycle.

The Blu Dot Accent Pillow

Blu Dot Accent Pillow

I came across this subtle and gorgeous bolster pillow after doing a bunch of research on the Blue Dot Bolster pillow that I fell in love withe recently, and I liked it so much that I felt it deserved its very own post!

The wool-felt fabric of the Blu Dot Accent Pillow combines texture, color and graphic stitching to make this a little fluffy art piece for your sofa. It also comes in the coolest colours such as chalk, guacamole and dark roast and contrasting double seam down the middle. Really, these pillows are suitable for anyone, and any space. This pillow is bound to bring a breath of fresh air into your personal space.

Fauna Fawn Print Large Cushion

Fauna Fawn Large Cushion

Looking for something super fun and extra unusual to jazz up your space? These Fauna decorative pillows have been inspired by Victorian shaped pillows and their graphics are based on the first mass produced images from 19th century illustrations. Fauna pillows come in small and large, and this one is big enough to fit on your couch or center of your bed. Penguins, birds, zebra and baby fawns make up the collection.

I think that the fauna Fawn large Cushion makes a great gift for a kid who loves animals, or the friend who as everything, or anyone who’d be interested in the cool and funky look of these quirky fun pillows. All Fauna pillows are made from organic cotton, so if you like making eco-friendly choices, this pillow is a great addition to your home.

DwellStudio Owl Pillow

DwellStudio Owl Pillow

Owls are “owl” the rage this year. I’ve seen them on everything from coffee mugs, to apparel, to jewelry. They can be crafty, trendy or realistic, and not to mention wise. I love the idea of gifting this to a new mother to put in their baby’s nursery, or to your friend who loves unique and funky items in their home.

This boudoir pillow made from cotton canvas with applique also happens to be eco-friendly. Soft, all natural cotton abloom with a sea of sweet blossoms, this delicately embroidered pattern is a modern update on eco-friendly style.

DwellStudio is legendary for making quality, trendsetting home apparel items that you and your family will treasure, and this owl throw pillow is not exception.