Citron Duvet Set

If you’re looking to give your room a new look for spring, let me just say that the Citron Duvet Set will give you all that and more! Featuring a vibrant graphic print of chrysanthemums that cover the entire surface of the set, the bright and bold yellow citron duvet set will transform any bedroom in a lush, springtime extravaganza.

The Citron Duvet Set is so striking thanks to its crisp lines and bright white and yellow colors, that are so nicely balanced against a nice base of pewter grey. Don’t be afraid of yellow in the bedroom! You’ll find you love waking up with these sunny colors! The set boasts a 300 thread count and is easily cared for through machine washing.

Cobalt Duvet Set

Cobalt Duvet Set

With the Cobalt Duvet Set you’ll feel like you’ve been taken on a fanciful weekend getaway. Thanks in part to the beauty of the flower design in a bold and stunning execution. The Cobalt Duvet Set is inspired by a cobalt summer night sky, and the softness of the cotton sateen fabric will transport you to a place of absolute comfort and luxury.

The Cobalt Duvet Set has a striking design that combines the timelessness of a flower against the eye-catching quality of an ivory and cobalt pinstripe. In essence, this Duvet set will create a calm and carefree atmosphere in the bedroom, and methinks this is something you’ll certainly enjoy. It’s also masculine in a way, so might be a great choice for the bachelor pad bedroom!

Cocoa Duvet Set

This Cocoa Duvet Set will transform your room into an oasis of warmth and coziness. The Cocoa Duvet Set is highlighted with trimming of silk and silk pleats. The silk contrasts beautifully with the luscious brown colors and definitely brings some sophistication to the table.

The duvet is very well made with 100% cotton sateen, so you can be sure you’ll love the comfort and softness this fabric provides. Please remember, that when you wash this set, you must wash it on a cool setting, and dry it in the same fashion. The Cocoa Duvet Set will really give your room a whole new look and feel and add a lot of style and comfort.

Pale Blue Ocean Duvet Set

Ocean Duvet Set

Bring a taste of the ocean right into your bedroom, with this eye-catching Ocean Duvet Set. The Ocean Duvet Set shimmers with elegance thanks to rows of silk pleats matched to shades of ivory. This set would look incredible in any bedroom, but would also be the perfect bedding set for the cottage.

The teal light blue duvet cover brings to mind the lightness and feel of the ocean and its creamy cotton sateen fabric will feel soft and luxurious on your skin. The set also boasts a 300 thread count and is easily cared for through machine washing, as long as you are careful to use the cold settings on both your washing machine and dryer.

Contemporary Duvet Set

This Contemporary Duvet Set has a striking design that utilizes the concept of flat art to create a masterpiece for your bedroom decor. Demanding your attention, this gorgeous duvet is made with an ultra soft cotton sateen and is emblazoned with beautiful chrysanthemums. The color palette? A soft and sensual taupe, white and red.

The Contemporary Duvet Set features a 300 thread count so you can be sure you’re getting a product with high quality. The Contemporary Duvet Set is also reversible, so enjoy the option of changing up the look of your room with the simple flip of the duvet. This set comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams.

DwellStudio Pearl Chinoiserie Duvet Collection

The DwellStudio Pearl Chinoiserie Duvet Collection is the perfect way to complete a contemporary looking bedroom. With maximum attention to detail and a fresh minimal style, the Pearl Chinoiserie duvet exudes sophistication and luxury.

The rich fabrics and intricately woven linen trim do not go unnoticed, and you can’t help but appreciate the detail that went into this collection. These duvets are a stellar choice because of their high quality materials and refined style.

As far as cleaning duvets go, I always recommend that you have your duvet professionally dry cleaned, as putting a duvet in the washing machine can be pretty disastrous. Feather down doesn’t agree with spin cycles.