bamboo bedding sheets

Bamboo bedding comes from a grass called bamboo which is grown largely in Asia. Bamboo is known as the fastest growing grass in the world. Bamboo provides ten times more yield than cotton. Recently, bamboo is being used for material to make clothing and even bedding and sheets.

A number of people prefer to use the bamboo bedding because it is organic and environment friendly. The bamboo sheets are 100 percent natural. They are biodegradable, which means they are capable of decomposing unlike plastics.

Bamboo is also a renewable resource. Even if people use this resource extensively, there is no marked effect on the environment because new bamboos can be planted to replace them.

Aside from the eco-friendly features of bamboo sheets, another reason why the bedding is better is the fact that it is more absorbent than other fabrics. This makes them very comfortable to lie on because they absorb human sweat quickly especially during humid summers.

The fabrics are also breathable. The bamboo fiber is made up minute gaps and holes which provides ventilation to the fabric. This keeps the fabric cool even when during the hot season.

Bamboo sheets are also natural hypoallergenic. People who have allergy problems will find that the fabric will keep them allergy free. The sheets will not trigger any allergies.

Bamboo bedding and sheets are also antibacterial. The fabric naturally repels insects. This is the reason why bamboo grass is used as a natural pesticide. Their natural antibacterial property helps make them effective in fighting microbes and harmful bacteria which can cause sickness.

Silky Soft Bamboo Bedding

Silky Soft Bamboo Bedding

100% natural and exceptionally comfortable, bamboo sheets and bedding are also antibacterial and eco-friendly. But bamboo sheets aren’t just great for the environment and super soft, they also are very easy to take care of and they last a long time. They wash very well and maintain their quality after multiple washes, and they dry really fast, either in the machine or on a clothesline (which is more eco-friendly anyway!)

The structure of bamboo provides superior ventilation and wicking that keep the user cool and comfortable when hot and warm when cold. So, you can use them in the winter or in the summer and your body temperature will stay even at any time of the year. These kinds of sheets and bedding are oversized to fit high profile mattresses.


Are you the proud owner of a set of ultra-soft bamboo rayon sheets? Bamboo rayon sheets are 100% all-natural bamboo rayon, and they have the most luxurious feel and look. They are exquisitely soft to the touch with a smooth, silken finish, but these bamboo rayon sheets are also strong and durable.

Bamboo rayon sheets are also exceptionally breathable—so hot sleepers stay cool and cold sleepers stay warm and comfortable. And eco-friendly bamboo is grown without pesticides or fertilizers!

To take care of your bamboo rayon, there are some basic rules to follow for their cleaning. Don’t wash bamboo bedding in hot water, as it can make them pill and do damage to them over time. Always wash this kind of sheet in cold water!

Inhabit Organic Cotton & Bamboo Bedding

Absolutely in love with the colors and patterns in this, another incredible set, by Inhabit. They always somehow manage to combine my favorite color combinations with totally unique and interesting patterns that would look simply fabulous in pretty much any bedroom decor, for almost anyone, young or young at heart! This bedding has a youthful vibrancy that Inhabit always captures so perfectly.

Count on ridiculous softness with these Inhabit Organic Cotton & Bamboo Bedding sheets. If you don’t already know the benefits of both organic and natural bamboo properties, listen up. Bamboo is anti-bacterial and breathes in way 100% cotton fibers can’t. Organic cotton is just about the softest fabric around and hasn’t been grown with pesticides, or harmful toxic chemicals. That means it is safe. The perfect thread counts have also been matched with the right fabrics to ensure more ridiculous softness and comfort. Also count on sleeping in a lot more and wanting to stay home on rainy days because of these sheets.