Lovey Baby Blanket

First things first: what the heck is a lovey baby blanket? Its a question I didn’t know the answer to until I had my own baby, and then I was quickly filled in by some fellow moms who swore by them. They are basically just mini baby blankets, and my mom friends recommended I have several on hand since little ones tend to get very attached to them! One of my mom friends even sleeps with the lovey blankets the night before giving it to her baby, so that the blanket absorbs some of mom’s skin scent! She swears by it!

This lovely Lovey Blanket is soft to the touch and perfect for snuggling up. Constructed of 100% Cotton, it’s rich in texture on each side and ivory in color, and it’s machine washable, which is pretty much a must have feature for any baby product!

OiOi Little Bamboo Crib Blanket

Today we love all things OiOi. They are a great little company started by a mother who wanted fashionable baby accessories that were in line with the current seasons colours and textures. They make all kinds of things (be sure to check out OiOi Diaper Bags too) This beautiful OiOi Little Bamboo Crib Blanket has a delicate hand-feel and is surprisingly heavy. It has an amazing drape that is great to use as a blanket for night time and on the go. If you don’t already know: Bamboo is a renewable resource. It is 60% more water absorbent than cotton, has a silk-like touch, and will benefit your baby in the end by promoting a healthier, relaxed sleep. Bamboo and Organic Cotton are THE best for your baby!

Decorative Baby Blanket

Decorative Baby Blanket

It’s refreshing to see baby products that don’t compromise when it comes to aesthetically pleasing designs and color palettes. This Decorative Baby Blanket will make an excellent addition to your nursery by adding a touch of sophisticated style and elegant color.

This exquisite Decorative Baby Blanket features red and beige shades and adorable red piping that will add so much warmth to your child’s surrounding environment. The colors are particularly modern and subdued for a baby blanket. The Decorative Baby Blanket would also make a wonderful gift for that friend who has a new addition to their family.

Cashmere Blanket in Pastel Pink

Babies deserve luxurious comfort just as much as anyone else. I could even argue that they deserve it more, because cashmere is perfect for their delicate skin. This Cashmere Blanket in Pastel Pink would be an amazing gift for your little one, with its naturally hypoallergenic fabric. It’s also made with the finest cashmere in the word that’s incredibly soft and plush. The hand washable Cashmere Blanket in Pastel Pink comes would make a fine addition to your nursery and your child is bound to enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides.