Inhabit Organic Cotton & Bamboo Bedding

Absolutely in love with the colors and patterns in this, another incredible set, by Inhabit. They always somehow manage to combine my favorite color combinations with totally unique and interesting patterns that would look simply fabulous in pretty much any bedroom decor, for almost anyone, young or young at heart! This bedding has a youthful vibrancy that Inhabit always captures so perfectly.

Count on ridiculous softness with these Inhabit Organic Cotton & Bamboo Bedding sheets. If you don’t already know the benefits of both organic and natural bamboo properties, listen up. Bamboo is anti-bacterial and breathes in way 100% cotton fibers can’t. Organic cotton is just about the softest fabric around and hasn’t been grown with pesticides, or harmful toxic chemicals. That means it is safe. The perfect thread counts have also been matched with the right fabrics to ensure more ridiculous softness and comfort. Also count on sleeping in a lot more and wanting to stay home on rainy days because of these sheets.