How to Make Your Own Silk Screen Bed Linens Organic Mattresses and Bedding

Silk screen painting can make any inexpensive set of silk, satin, or cotton sheets go from ho-hum to glam. You can use this idea to even turn flat sheets into amazing wall hangings or curtains. Turn old sheet on hand into other items, like pillow covers, for your home too. Try this a few times on scrap cloth or something you dont mind ruining, before doing your project.

Ingredients and Tools:
2-foot wide or larger squeegee
22 boards (enough to make 2 frames)
3 or 4 Vice grips or wrenches
Self-adhesive paper or foam/rubber stamps
Ink or fabric paint

1. Buy a sheet pattern or sheets for the size of bed you will be using them on. If using this recipe to make curtains, buy the appropriate size for your window cut them off on the bottom 3 inches longer than needed for a curtain and sew a 1.5 inch seam by folding it over and using magic seam or a sewing machine. If using it for pillows, follow their pattern carefully.
2. Buy a large squeegee appropriate for the size of image you desire. Buy or make a frame that just fits the length of the squeegee in either direction. Make a second frame and use a couple of vice grips or locking wrenches to tighten them together in the next step.
3. Pull the material over the frame, making the exact place you want the image or design to show up inside the frame. Have a friend help you hold it while you tighten the material over the frame as tight as possible while connecting the two frames, one below and one above, while also tightening the vice grips or wrenches onto the frame to hold the material as tight as possible.
4. Measure the self-adhesive paper to the dimensions of the frame and cut it. Then draw or trace your desired design into it. Cut out the image, remembering that wherever you cut out of the image will be where the paint goes.
5. Peel off the backing and carefully and firmly stick the self-adhesive paper to the frame.
6. Use a spoon to apply the paint or ink where desired, carefully directing it to the details.
7. Pull the squeegee in one direction no more than three times to avoid making it blurry or loosening the paper.
8. Add additional colors or details using the stamps.
9. Allow the design to dry. Remove self-adhesive paper.