How to Make Scented Bed Sheets Organic Mattresses and Bedding

How to Make Scented Bed Sheets

Scented bed sheets are a great way to brighten up a room and leave everything smelling fresh and sweet. Who wouldnt want to crawl under covers that smelled like a garden? Learn a few simple tips to make your own scented bed sheets quick and easy.

To make a perfume to scent your bed sheets, simply pick a handful of fresh blooms and place them in cheesecloth. Place the cheesecloth over a bowl and pour in a fourth cup of filtered water. Leave overnight, then lift the cheesecloth with petals out of the bowl. What is left is lovely scented water to pour into an unscented dryer sheet. Place the dryer sheet in the dryer with bed sheets to tumble dry for a few minutes for a lovely smelling set of sheets!

An easier way to create scented bed sheets is to simply place lavender under your sheets near the foot and head of your bed where you would not feel them. The fresh flowers will help you sleep well at night and fill the room with a nice cozy scent. Also wonderful is a few drops of vanilla essential oil on a cloth under your sheets to help you feel nice and clean.

Making scented bed sheets is easy to do. All it requires is a few fresh blooms and a small bit of patience. Before long you can have sweet-smelling sheets that you will love to sleep in every single night. Nothing is more comforting than a clean smelling place to sleep, and when you have your own scented bed sheets you can have wonderful scents around you every time you lay your head down on your pillow.