What is a Buckwheat Pillow?

buckwheat pillow inside

Buckwheat pillows are an alternative to more traditional types of pillows that provide support for the head and neck while also helping alleviate other body aches and pains. They are specially designed to improve sleep and enhance comfort, and feature tiny buckwheat hulls sewn inside a soft, sturdy outer fabric.

Many people use pillows that are filled with synthetic fibers, foam or down. Although these types of pillows are comfortable when they are new, they eventually lose volume as their contents become compressed. Pillows that become flattened with regular use do not conform to the shapes of a user’s head and neck, which results in uncomfortable bending and straining in the neck region. Buckwheat pillows offer a solution to common problems associated with worn-out pillows. This kind of pillow are filled with small, durable hulls that will not lose their volume, allowing them to maintain their original shape after years of use. They continuously support the shape of a user’s head, neck and shoulders by molding to the body’s contours. This helps eliminate pain in the upper half of the body, headaches and restless sleep patterns.

Buckwheat pillows are a natural alternative to cushions containing synthetic materials. They do not contain toxins that can harm the body. Instead, the pillows’ buckwheat hulls come from organically grown plants. These hulls allow air flow within a pillow form, keeping the pillow fresh and ventilated on a daily basis. Some buckwheat pillows also feature aromatherapy benefits, which help enhance the quality of sleep.