Is Your Pillow Giving You Neck Pain?


The bed pillow is one of the items that garners the least attention when selecting items for the bedroom. First for most people comes the design and décor if the room, especially if it is decorated for the first child. The attention paid to the look of the room is gratifying and of course it is the first thing noticed when friends or relatives visit.

The look of the bed may be also important, and the mattress quality also a consideration. But the lowly bed pillow does not get a whole lot of forethought and often is selected by price or size alone.

The lower back need the support of a good mattress, with enough substance to keep the body aligned correctly during sleep. This helps prevent the disc degeneration that plagues so many older people. This degeneration begins in young people, and is exacerbated by sports, injuries, and accidents. Years of sleeping on the wrong mattress only serve to aggravate the condition.

The bed pillow ranks right up there with the mattress in its importance to back and spine support. The spine in the neck is subject to all sorts of stresses and requires the same care as the rest if the back. Degenerative discs can occur quite frequently in the neck, and this area is very sensitive to injury during sports and accidents. The whiplash effect on the neck from activities is all too common.

The bed pillow should be selected based on size, thickness and firmness. The material should be chosen for its non-allergy properties, and a proper cover is necessary. The neck will spend a lot of hours on this pillow and the importance of support cannot be overstated.
Look for the labels that refer to the type of sleeper that will be using this particular pillow. A side-sleeper will require a different kind of supportive pillow than a person who sleeps mostly on their back. Likewise, some will find a firmer or softer pillow can make a difference in how they feel in the morning.

Look harder and spend a little more time when making the purchase of your next pillow, good and regenerative sleep can depend on it.