Flat or Full? Pillow Sizes Explained

pillow sizes

The standards are in place, when measuring pillows. The cover width and length of the casing of a pillow, un-stuffed, is what used to measure the size of the flat pillow. While a pillow is lying flat and un-stuffed, the measurement will be made along the course of each seam, using the corners for end points. Measurements made are standardized and rounded if they are in-between whole inches. This is important for knowing which pillow cases to purchase for bed pillow such as king-size and queen-size.

Full pillows are not the actual size that is measure. The stuffing would need to be removed and the case laid in a flat state to get the true measurement of the pillow. Should a pillow casing measure to 19.3 inches by 19.3 inches in a flat, unfilled state, it would be considered a 20 inch by 20 inch size pillow. When the same pillow is filled with stuffing or a foam form, it could be measured at 18 inches by 18 inches, but that is not the standard size, that is the full size for the sake of description and actual size.

Some of the familiar sizes that most of us rest our heads upon each night are the King Size Pillowcase. The dimensions, when laying flat, are 20 inches by 36 inches or the slightly longer pillowcase of 20 inches by 40 inches. This is the largest pillow in standard production that is offered in stores that carry bedding and linens. When purchasing a set of linens for a king size bed, these will be included in the set in pairs. When pillows are full, there is a curvature to their dimension that changes their length and width measurement.

To get an actual length and width of a full pillow, the corners will be ignored. Instead, a straight line that is tangent to the full side of the pillow, drawn down to the side being measured, cutting off about an inch of the corners, would be the end points. It could be best to use this type of measurement of any pillow, as space can be at a premium in some bedrooms. Therefore, using the actual full pillow size dimensions, when scouting out how many pillows will fit in a bedroom, can be more accurate than flat.