Body Pillow

Body pillows are designed for giving you a better nights rest by supporting your body in a number of different ways. Most commonly used by women during pregnancy, body pillows can also be used by those who simply find comfort in sleeping with them. A body pillow is typically the length of your body in size and not much wider than an average pillow. You can find body pillows at most stores that specialize in carrying bedding, pillow, and comfort items. There are many different styles and types of body pillows that can be found at these stores and online.

The basic body pillow design is rectangular in shape and much longer than your average pillow. These are usually used for back support when laying and sitting against it. If you are simply looking for a large pillow that can be used as a back rest, the basic body pillow as in ideal choice. This may or may not provide you with a better nights sleep. More advanced body pillows actually surround the entire body. For those that toss and turn during the night, these body pillows will keep you in place while relieving tension throughout your body. If you commonly deal with neck and back pain while sleeping, this body pillow will provide you with a more comfortable night of sleep.

Other features within body pillows that could allow you to sleep better include the type of filling that is used in it. Memory foam and down are two of the most common fillings that are used within body pillows. Memory foam conforms to your body’s shape and is a firm type of pillow. While more expensive than down body pillows, the memory foam ones typically provide users with better sleep overall. There are also body pillows that are made for certain types of conditions, providing support to the areas that need it the most. For example, a pregnancy pillow helps women to sleep on their side during the night while giving them extra back support and accommodating their growing belly throughout the pregnancy process.