© 2024 Printed Pillow Ideas to Upgrade Your Bed Organic Mattresses and Bedding

I compiled a list of printed designs that will energize any room. I have found that the simplest pattern can make a bold statement. These prints will awaken style and even bring back memories.

1.) I associate natural and delicate with this leafless tree print set. At first glance, the frail limbs appear real, and each are likely to break as soon as you touch the pillowcase . The standalone trees will harmonize the natural colors and wood tones of the bedroom.

2.) The boom box makes an appearance in the new millennium with this double stereo resembling handmade screen-prints of T-shirts past. The double sound system has a vintage appearance with this faded or slightly distressed print. This will bring a young sense of style to any modish area.

3.) We are living in the age where single words dominate our lives. Single word t-shirts, photos with hands holding a word and billboards telling adults what to do like Vote. Newlyweds will fancy rising every morning to their cursive, just married pillows to remind them of who they are to each other.

4) I dont think one ever gets too old to display pink in their bedroom. Especially when the word love is in a super-sized, block font. This bright colored print set will make each person who went to bed angry wake up with love on their mind.

5) For the geek in each of us, let the tech inside shine, and take over the room with this unique pillow accentuating the need to read. I thought that the glasses without arms that are placed over the ears raise this strong fashion statement to true geekdom. The glass area has three white stripes I guess to accentuate the bright glare from the computer screen.

6) I want to rock and roll all night. I cant rock a simple guitar tune, but I can rock n roll in my sleep with this smart guitar and amplifier print set. This 80s rock n roll art is detailed down to the cord connecting the guitar to the amplifier on the other pillow. I can hear a distant guitar note drift in the air.

7) When I first saw this stenciled cage and bird, I did a double take. The thick lines are crafted to resemble a three-dimensional cage including the hook with which to lift the bottom away from curious cats. I think this reprint blends perfectly in any sunroom, outdoor patio area, or bedroom.

8) I have seen owl jewelry, owl baby hats, and now it is time to update the trend. These simple depicted owls stand at attention waiting for the night to comfort sleepy heads. The wise pillow set updates any bedroom. I think those with an over active imagination may feel they are smothering their feathered friends, but they must be reminded that these owls hold their breath.

9) May I have a cup of tea? This phrase sticks in my mind when I imagine peering through the Mister and Misses glasses set that are highly popular. The Groucho Marx bushy mustache and sunglasses pillow are paired with the womans glasses hanging from a dainty chain. I think this matching husband and wife set can even bring a smile to the toughest cynic.

10) I first thought of Moby Dick with this original, illustrated printed pillow of the captain taming the whale. This print feels like they are ripped from the pages of a magical fable. This pillow with striking color reminds adults of childhood fancies, and of loved ones reading storybooks. I can see this adventure brightening a childs or a seafarers bedroom.