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Incorporate your eco-friendly lifestyle into every aspect of your life by choosing a pillow filled with organic materials. With so many options to choose from, you will not only get a great night sleep, but you will also rest assured that you are using natural materials. With so many natural options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect alternative to your standard synthetic materials. Following is a list of the top ten organic options.

One of the most common choices for organic material is goose down for a light and fluffy pillow. Not only is it soft, but it is good choice for allergy sufferers.

Although very similar to goose down, duck down is becoming a popular alternative to goose feather as duck feathers are smaller and create an even fluffier and softer pillow.

Organic cotton filling is an obvious choice for pillow filling for those who do not need a lot of support, as cotton tends to harden and compact quicker than most alternatives.

Hemp can be very similar to organic cotton when woven into the pillow packing. This natural material can be both firm and soft, however if hemp is not spun into the pillow, the fibers can be long and coarse and less comfortable that you may be used to.

Using wool is another option and offers good support as the blend of curly fibers from sheep and alpaca wool is resilient and soft. This non-allergenic material is durable and will whisk away moisture, keeping your head cool and comfortable all night long.

Another filling made from animals is a pillow filled with horsehair. Horsehair is a coarse material which will allow for a firm pillow, which will retain its shape.

The lesser known material, Kapok is made from the silk floss tree and resembles the qualities of silk. The Kapok filling makes for a firm pillow, which will not crush easily, will form to your body and then reverts to original fluffiness.

Buckwheat provides a very firm pillow filling. Aside from the extreme firmness, buckwheat filling is recommended for treating headaches, neck and back pain and even snoring, among other things.

The use of millet seeds has become a popular seed option. Millet seeds are tiny seeds that fill the pillow and like buckwheat, has the ability to easy aches and pains.

Natural latex is another excellent organic filling to use in your pillows. The material of natural latex is comparable to foam pillows. Latex filler creates a spring, bouncy pillow that will increase your comfort as it maintains its shape.

Whatever material you choose for your organically filled pillow, you know you will be taking another small step to creating a better environment.