Can Mattresses Be Recycled?

recycled mattress

Those of us who are concerned about the environment often wonder how we can do better to protect it. We try not to waste things that we know can be recycled. There are some things that can be recycled that many of us might not know about. One such thing that can be recycled that many people aren’t aware of is a mattress.

Those of us with kids know how quickly a child can outgrow a mattress. In most cases, we simply throw the mattress out with the trash. Most people don’t seem to want to buy a used mattress. Many places that accept donations will not accept used mattresses. It’s only natural for people to assume recycling is not an option.

There are numerous places that will take our old mattresses when we know longer need them. What happens when a mattress is recycled? The mattress is striped down to its basic components. The components are then separated and resold to companies that will use them in manufacturing. The whole process of stripping a mattress down to its bare components takes around four to five minutes. The parts from a mattress can be used to make a variety of items. Everything from wood chips to clothes can be made from a recycled mattress.

So if your child has outgrown his or her mattress, recycle it. There are many facilities that will gladly pick up your mattress and recycle it. Nowadays, we are able to use search engines to quickly find anything that may be located close by – including places that recycle mattresses. It’s good to know that yet another item that we typically discard can be recycled. Just more piece of mind for those of us who care about the environment.

Should Kids Use Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses are definitely excellent for kids. The pillow top mattresses have a firm foundation and a soft top cover that help to assure children get a safe and good rest time. This type mattress provides comfort and added protection from spills and accidents which is always a plus when considering what type of mattress to purchase for a child. The pillow top mattress has adequate support which helps to insure that your child’s back, neck and body are supported while sleeping.

Having a great night’s sleep helps children to wake refreshed and happy to begin the day’s activities. One major fact to consider when purchasing a pillow top mattress is that the cost is very reasonable and the lifetime of use is far beyond the typical mattress. This can prove to be a cost efficient move for the family that is trying to save from buying costly products.

When selecting a pillow top mattress for a child you will be happy to know that they come in a variety of soft materials which both your child and you will like. You can choose from soft cotton, down and memory foam. Other soft materials are also available to consider. Bright colors and theme patterns are available for kids pillow top mattresses which make shopping fun. When considering cost, long-life of the pillow top mattress, comfort and strength in the mattress and above all the safety of the pillow top mattress then the choice is clear that this is a wise investment for your money.

There have been no drawbacks or downfalls sited as to why a pillow top mattress should not be bought for kids. In fact, the push for buying these for children are being stressed more and more. There are a number of companies that sale the pillow top mattress for kids. Before purchasing one check with several companies compare prices, materials the pillow top mattress is made of and any warranty that comes with your purchase.

From all indications and reports you will be completely pleased and satisfied with your decision to buy a pillow top mattress for your child. Your child will also be more comfortable and have a good, restful night’s sleep on a pillow top mattress.

Body Pillow

Body pillows are designed for giving you a better nights rest by supporting your body in a number of different ways. Most commonly used by women during pregnancy, body pillows can also be used by those who simply find comfort in sleeping with them. A body pillow is typically the length of your body in size and not much wider than an average pillow. You can find body pillows at most stores that specialize in carrying bedding, pillow, and comfort items. There are many different styles and types of body pillows that can be found at these stores and online.

The basic body pillow design is rectangular in shape and much longer than your average pillow. These are usually used for back support when laying and sitting against it. If you are simply looking for a large pillow that can be used as a back rest, the basic body pillow as in ideal choice. This may or may not provide you with a better nights sleep. More advanced body pillows actually surround the entire body. For those that toss and turn during the night, these body pillows will keep you in place while relieving tension throughout your body. If you commonly deal with neck and back pain while sleeping, this body pillow will provide you with a more comfortable night of sleep.

Other features within body pillows that could allow you to sleep better include the type of filling that is used in it. Memory foam and down are two of the most common fillings that are used within body pillows. Memory foam conforms to your body’s shape and is a firm type of pillow. While more expensive than down body pillows, the memory foam ones typically provide users with better sleep overall. There are also body pillows that are made for certain types of conditions, providing support to the areas that need it the most. For example, a pregnancy pillow helps women to sleep on their side during the night while giving them extra back support and accommodating their growing belly throughout the pregnancy process.

Flat or Full? Pillow Sizes Explained

pillow sizes

The standards are in place, when measuring pillows. The cover width and length of the casing of a pillow, un-stuffed, is what used to measure the size of the flat pillow. While a pillow is lying flat and un-stuffed, the measurement will be made along the course of each seam, using the corners for end points. Measurements made are standardized and rounded if they are in-between whole inches. This is important for knowing which pillow cases to purchase for bed pillow such as king-size and queen-size.

Full pillows are not the actual size that is measure. The stuffing would need to be removed and the case laid in a flat state to get the true measurement of the pillow. Should a pillow casing measure to 19.3 inches by 19.3 inches in a flat, unfilled state, it would be considered a 20 inch by 20 inch size pillow. When the same pillow is filled with stuffing or a foam form, it could be measured at 18 inches by 18 inches, but that is not the standard size, that is the full size for the sake of description and actual size.

Some of the familiar sizes that most of us rest our heads upon each night are the King Size Pillowcase. The dimensions, when laying flat, are 20 inches by 36 inches or the slightly longer pillowcase of 20 inches by 40 inches. This is the largest pillow in standard production that is offered in stores that carry bedding and linens. When purchasing a set of linens for a king size bed, these will be included in the set in pairs. When pillows are full, there is a curvature to their dimension that changes their length and width measurement.

To get an actual length and width of a full pillow, the corners will be ignored. Instead, a straight line that is tangent to the full side of the pillow, drawn down to the side being measured, cutting off about an inch of the corners, would be the end points. It could be best to use this type of measurement of any pillow, as space can be at a premium in some bedrooms. Therefore, using the actual full pillow size dimensions, when scouting out how many pillows will fit in a bedroom, can be more accurate than flat.

How To Wash Goose Down Pillows

How To Wash Goose Down Pillows

Goose down pillows are made from at least 90% feathers giving them the softest possible contents. As we lovers of these popular pillows know, they are simply the best pillows there are available. I love the comfort promised at the end of the day when I retire to bed and to my goose down pillow.

Goose down pillows, like all pillows, require occasional care and cleaning. I try to wash mine one to two times per year. The first thing I do is read the instructions. I have found that most goose down pillows have similar instructions to the basic instructions for goose down pillow care I am discussing.

It is best to wash goose down pillows in a front load washer instead of a washer with an agitator. Before washing, check to make sure that there are no tears in the fabric. If this step is not taken, feathers can end up everywhere. As most instructions on goose down pillows state, it is best to wash them in hot water and set the rinse cycle to go at least twice to ensure all the feathers have released the soap they tend to hold within them.

Drying goose down pillows takes a long time, much longer than a pillow made of different fabrics, such as cotton. Each goose down pillow you dry will take approximately an hour and a half. If I am washing two, I can reasonably expect it to take around three hours time to get both pillows dry. It is best to set a timer and go fluff the pillows every twenty five to thirty minutes to ensure that bunching is prevented.

There are a few tips to stretch the time even longer in between washings of goose down pillows. Fluffing goose down pillows daily is a good maintenance step that will help keep the pillow aired out. Also, I try to always use a protectant pillow cover to keep the pillow safe from everyday dirt that could land on it.


Many people today are on a quest for better health, green living, and doing “just one thing” to help themselves and the environment. Today, I’d like to show you how this eco-friendly trend can start in the bedroom while you sleep. That’s right, while you sleep! There are many American companies making organic bedding and I want to share some of them with you so you can sleep better knowing you have made a difference in both the planet and the health of your family.

Let’s start with the mattress, shall we?

FoamOrder, a company out of San Francisco, California, offers organic natural mattresses and natural foam mattresses in sizes ranging from crib to California or Eastern King. They also offer pillows, wool toppers and cushions. An added bonus, their facility is even equipped with a solar powered manufacturing system. See for options.

Avoiding harmful chemicals doesn’t stop there, however. Look for organic sheets, pillowcases, and covers from companies like these:

Native Organic Cotton – located in El Segundo, California, makes organic cotton bedding and bath linens from Texas cotton. See their wares at

Brahms Mount – located in Hallowell, Maine, uses antique shuttle looms to craft natural fibers of cotton, lambswool and linen into beautiful throws, blankets, and crib blankets. Visit their website at

Probably the most impressive selection comes from Heart of Vermont, located in Barre, VT, making their products with cotton grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals and wool shorn from sheep that live the good life!

A partial listing of products includes: Futons – Organic Sheets – Pillows – Blankets – Comforters – Mattress Toppers – Beds – Chairs – Occasional Tables – Pillow Cases – Receiving Blankets – Shopping Bags – Baby Bibs – Baby “Moses” Baskets – Organic Sleep/Loungewear – Aprons – Bag Dispensers – Towels – Washcloths – Shower Curtains…and Pet Beds for our furry friends! See the rest of their offering at

Is Your Pillow Giving You Neck Pain?


The bed pillow is one of the items that garners the least attention when selecting items for the bedroom. First for most people comes the design and décor if the room, especially if it is decorated for the first child. The attention paid to the look of the room is gratifying and of course it is the first thing noticed when friends or relatives visit.

The look of the bed may be also important, and the mattress quality also a consideration. But the lowly bed pillow does not get a whole lot of forethought and often is selected by price or size alone.

The lower back need the support of a good mattress, with enough substance to keep the body aligned correctly during sleep. This helps prevent the disc degeneration that plagues so many older people. This degeneration begins in young people, and is exacerbated by sports, injuries, and accidents. Years of sleeping on the wrong mattress only serve to aggravate the condition.

The bed pillow ranks right up there with the mattress in its importance to back and spine support. The spine in the neck is subject to all sorts of stresses and requires the same care as the rest if the back. Degenerative discs can occur quite frequently in the neck, and this area is very sensitive to injury during sports and accidents. The whiplash effect on the neck from activities is all too common.

The bed pillow should be selected based on size, thickness and firmness. The material should be chosen for its non-allergy properties, and a proper cover is necessary. The neck will spend a lot of hours on this pillow and the importance of support cannot be overstated.
Look for the labels that refer to the type of sleeper that will be using this particular pillow. A side-sleeper will require a different kind of supportive pillow than a person who sleeps mostly on their back. Likewise, some will find a firmer or softer pillow can make a difference in how they feel in the morning.

Look harder and spend a little more time when making the purchase of your next pillow, good and regenerative sleep can depend on it.

natural latex mattress

In a market saturated with often harmful synthetic materials, finding items that are safe for one’s children can be quite difficult. Even articles used for sleep can be chock-full of potentially hazardous synthetic materials that can be responsible for a variety of allergies or general discomfort. If a hypoallergenic mattress is preferred over the more common synthetic ones, opting for natural latex mattresses is always the most optimum choice.

Made from the natural secretions of the rubber tree, natural latex beds are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Surprisingly resilient and absolutely comfortable, beds made from natural latex are hypoallergenic, making them perfectly safe for children and people who have very sensitive constitutions. The benefits do not end with its hypoallergenic nature, as natural latex beds have the added boon of being odor-resistant and odor-free!

These kinds of mattresses have the advantage of being comfortably soft, yet resilient enough to give just the right amount of leverage to provide even weight distribution, providing unparalleled sleeping comfort. Like synthetic mattresses, latex ones are available in different firmnesses, allowing you a broad option to find that one mattress that perfectly suits your preferences. Natural latex is also known to be an excellent regulator of bodily temperatures, allowing it to easily disperse body heat evenly, giving you a cool and comfortable sleeping experience that synthetics simply cannot provide.

This eco-friendly material is also non-toxic and perfectly durable, making it the perfect choice for people who suffer from extreme sensitivity to chemicals. Natural latex beds are perfect for use in the nursery, in clinics and hospitals or in any location where a hypoallergenic and odorless cushion is needed to maximize the comfort of a sleeper. Available in different sizes to suit varying preferences, natural latex beds are the most optimal and beneficial choice if you desire a worry-free non-allergic sleeping mattress guaranteed to give you a wholly satisfying sleep.

Nothing short of incomparable, natural latex mattresses are guaranteed 100% natural and hypoallergenic. They’re harvested in a safe, eco-friendly manner and made to excel rigorous standards of purity and quality, ensuring only the best products is available. With natural latex beds, sleeping like a baby will cease to be a euphemism and instead will become a nightly reality.


Organic mattresses are those that are grown and produced with no synthetic chemicals. An organic mattress has many benefits for you and your children because of the natural materials it is safer and healthier. Many of the products used in organic mattresses are extremely beneficial because of the natural processes in production. The least expensive type is cotton mattresses up to the high end latex rubber and wool combination. Organic mattresses are safe for adults and children alike. Need more reason’s to make the switch to organic? Here’s five:

1. Wool has many benefits; it is a dust mite repellent and will keep those pesky critters away from you and your children. Wool is also a natural insulator and will keep you warm in winter and cold in summer, it also absorbs humidity.

2. Organic mattresses are hypoallergenic as they haven not been treated with toxins and chemicals. Hypoallergenic mattresses can reduce your child’s development of allergies as they are natural and will not harm the lungs with pesticides and other man-made chemicals.

3. Wool is a natural flame retardant so the mattress does not need to be treated with a synthetic retardant, making it a healthier and safer choice for you and your home.

4. Organic mattresses are environmentally friendly and biodegradable making them safer and easier to dispose of. You have the added piece of mind that workers who harvest organic wool and cotton are not exposed to man-made chemicals and pesticides.

5. A latex rubber and wool mattress has the great benefit of naturally molding to your shape for a better nights sleep. It supports the body preventing aches and pains caused by sleeping in the wrong position. Add organic bedding and you will have a fantastic night’s sleep.

Organic mattresses are incredibly beneficial to your health. When purchasing your organic mattress be sure to read the labels to make sure the products are 100% organic. Some organic mattresses are still treated with chemical fire retardants which is unnecessary especially with wool mattresses so be sure to inquire at your distributor or manufacturer about the products that make up your mattress.

Hypoallergenic, naturally flame retardant and biodegradable, an organic mattress is a safer healthier choice for you and your children. We spend over a third of our lives in bed, organic mattresses are important for your health and comfort. To really get green in the bedroom, combine your new mattress with organic bedding for a better nights sleep.

organic mattress bedding

More research has been done on bedding in the past few years as we have become more educated on the negative effects chemicals, pesticides and dyes have on us and our environment. We normally sleep an average of eight to ten hours a night. At 365 days in a year, that is more than 3,000 hours we spend in our beds a year! If we sleep on mattresses, pillows and sheets that have harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes, we are exposing ourselves to this environment for over 60 hours in one week!

That is a lot of exposure to elements what can cause harm to our bodies. Some of these chemicals, pesticides and dyes have been linked to allergies, breathing problems, skin irritations and even cancer. Organic bedding is made with natural materials intended to provide us with the healthiest environment to sleep in. Below I will discuss five reasons to buy organic bedding.

1. Better for your Health:
Organic bedding is naturally better for your health! It is made without harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes. This means you will not be exposing yourself to these harmful elements, night after night.

2. Better for the Environment:
It is much better on the environment when we use materials that are naturally produced in nature. Since organic bedding is made up of cotton, natural latex from the rubber tree, wool and other naturally grown products it benefits the environment in several ways. Since there is no need to manufacture the materials, no harmful additives are required that are not compatible with the environment. Also, in the event organic bedding is thrown away, it breaks down much easier than its non organc counterparts.

3. Less Irritation:
Organic bedding has been shown to cause less skin irritation than non organic bedding. This is especially true in babies and small children.

4. Naturally resistant to bed bugs, dust mites and mold:
Studies have shown that organic bedding materials, such as wool, are a natural way to repel bed bugs and dust mites. Many material used for organic bedding are also resistant to mold.

5. Reduction in Allergies
Many people have switched to organic bedding because of allergies to dust mites, chemicals and pesticides. They have reported a large reduction in allergies when changing to all organic bedding. Because organic bedding is made with all natural materials that most people can tolerate well, it reduces the likeliness of a person developing allergies.

There you have it! Five totally legitimate reasons to buy organic bedding. This is just better bedding is better for you and the environment, which That makes is a win win for each of us and the world we live in!