What Makes a Mattress Vegan?

vegan cotton mattress

Pesticide free, 100% recyclable and fire resistant, vegan mattresses manufactured with the natural bark of industrial hemp are totally organic. Children who live in humid climates sleep better because vegan mattresses made of 100% hemp are mold and mildew resistant. Hemp mattresses are completely legal. They have no illicit properties and they are strong, insulated and chemical free. Hemp mattresses come in all sizes and three different levels of firmness. They offer a more luxurious comfortable sleep than other mattresses.

Hemp is one of natures finest fibers and they are three times stronger than cotton. The hemp plant is not sprayed with chemicals so even children who have breathing problems sleep peacefully all night long. They are layered with hemp batting and are hand tufted for greater comfort. The inner springs are heat treated with a strong orthopedic firmness of three levels. There are vegan mattresses in firm, extra firm and super firm levels. The hemp box springs are recommended for further comfort offering a more relaxing nights sleep. Plus they contain no harmful bleaches, dyes or other chemicals.

Made of 100% hemp inside and out, these vegan mattresses are abrasion free. Organic hemp is completely recyclable and biodegradable so there is no wasted material used when it is manufactured, plus it is made in the United States. It comes in twin, full size, queen and king sizes. The twin size mattress also comes in extra long length and king size mattresses come in two sizes, California king and dual size king. Hemp box springs are available in the same sizes and are 8 inches high. Manufacturing companies recommend using hemp box springs for a solid foundation instead of regular box springs. All materials in the box springs and the mattress are 100% natural. They offer a more solid foundation than a regular box spring.

Hemp mattresses contain no cotton and no wool so there are no possibilities of allergic reactions. Hemp is soft yet strong. No, it is not illegal. Industrial strength hemp is used so these vegan mattresses will last a long time. They are durable, yet comfortable. They are 100% organic, built especially for those who have allergies. With no harmful chemicals, bleaches or dyes this 100% hemp is made of high quality material. They meet all Federal Fire Resistant regulations so they are completely safe. For a more pampered relaxing sleep, 100% hemp mattresses are safe, chemical free and fire resistant.