What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a type of mattress made from polyurethane to become high density. This mattress has a softer reaction to the heat of the body allowing it to mold to the body. Once the person gets up the mattress goes back to its original shape. It also helps warm the body within a matter of minutes. Memory foam is said to be one of the most comfortable mattress made today.

Memory foam is a good cross between a soft and hard mattress, for those people who tend to have a tough time finding that perfect level (like me!) It allows comfort and firmness at the same time. The mattress is designed to react to the weight of the body. When a person lays down the mattress appears to mold to the shape of the body which does a lot to help relieves pressure points, sores, and other aliments.

The density and thickness of the mattress may vary. The higher density mattress will last a lot longer then those with a lower density. The thickness of the mattress is also important. A memory foam mattress with a thickness of two inches will have no affect on pressure points. A mattress with a thickness of six inches of more may be too soft to sleep on. A memory foam mattress should be used by adult only. You should be aware though, if you are shopping for your child – children may have trouble turning and moving on this material.