how to clean mattress

Latex mattresses are preferred by many due to their hypoallergenic nature, which makes them trouble- free with many people with sensitive skin and allergies. They resist moisture and dust mites making them sweat and odor-proof. Their air circulation helps regulate body temperature for more comfortable sleep. It is very important to care for them by cleaning them regularly so you can extend you mattresses life and enjoy all of its properties for years to come.

The first step is to remove your mattresses cover. Wash the cover in the washing machine with warm to hot water. If the cover has any stains, use hot water and a generous amount of baby shampoo to remove them before putting the cover in the washing machine. Once your cover is washed, allow to air dry in the sun for a fresh smelling and naturally sanitized result

Next, vacuum the mattress to remove any debris it might be harboring. Don’t forget to flip it over so you can clean it on both sides.

Now, make a solution using your favorite non-toxic laundry detergent or baby shampoo, water and vinegar. Moisten a washcloth in the solution and remove the excess of liquid. Use the washcloth to rub the area of your mattress that has the stains until they disappear. For tougher stains, switch to a clean area of the washcloth and continue rubbing until the stains disappear.

To finish the process, pour tepid water in a bowl. Use a fresh washcloth to lightly moisten it in the water and lightly rub the area of the mattress you just worked on. Keep on moistening and lightly rubbing until the suds disappear. Finish up by applying a little bit of clear water on top of the area where the stain was located.

Allow to dry. Open the bedroom windows to allow fresh air and the sun’s rays to air dry and naturally sanitize your mattress. When both the mattress and cover are dry, slip the cover back on and place the mattress usual position for a good night’s rest.