Do Mattress Pads Improve Sleep?

mattress pads

The path to a good nights sleep starts with having the right mattress. Some people sleep better on a firm mattress while others get their best sleep on softer mattresses like memory foam. The firmness or softness of the mattress will really determine how comfortable an individual is able to get while sleeping. People with back pain or other body aches may find a certain firmness more desirable than others.

No matter if the sleeper chooses a firm mattress or a soft mattress there are ways to increase the comfort of that mattress and get improved sleep. There are many kind of mattress pads that have cushioning on them so laying down in bed and rolling over in bed feels more comfortable. Some of them get their cushioning from down loft and some have hypoallergenic fiber fill alternatives for people who are sensitive to down.

There are also memory foam mattress pads that are ideal for someone who already has a great mattress but loves the feel of memory foam. The memory foam mattress pad can be used over the existing mattress for the same type of feel. There are heated electric mattress pads that can be plugged in and radiate warmth to the body to promote restful sleep during cold winter months. Some mattress pads have two functions in one. They promote restful sleep by creating cushioning comfort but are made of waterproof material to serve as a mattress protector at the same time.