latex_vs_memory foam

Many consumers are curious about the differences between Memory Foam and Latex Foam mattress. Aside from both product being made from foam there are some unique distinctions that should be pointed out. Surgical gloves are made from latex and the surface is smooth, soft and silky. This is the same kind of material that the Latex Foam mattress is made from. Latex can be created from natural or from synthetic materials.

The three types of common Latex Foam found are:

• Natural 100% latex
• Material blended latex
• Man made Synthetic latex
• Natural foam latex is actually made from rubber tree sap. Many manufacturers refrain from making their mattress from 100% latex become of the expense involved in making the mattresses. The cost of an original 100% latex foam mattress could cost close to $1500.00 or more.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam mattresses are great are relieving pressure and providing comfort. They are more preferred than Latex foam mattresses due to their many great benefits. The mattress increases blood circulation and conforms to the shape of the body. The materials used in making the foam mattress contain harsh and dangerous chemical ingredients. The symptoms associated with the use of the Memory Foam mattress are headaches, itchy eyes, and respiratory problems.

The question of which Foam mattress to use can best be determined by the consumer. Consumers should be cautious of retailers who claim to sell genuine Foam or Latex Foam mattresses. Check the credential of these companies before spending an excessive amount of money.