The Dalai Lama once said that sleep is the best meditation. Sleeping is also the best way for one to relax and replenish one’s energy after a long day’s work. To achieve that much-needed shut-eye, it helps a lot if you are lying on a clean and comfortable bed. It is much better if you have hypoallergenic mattresses to snooze on.

The common mattress is either made of polyurethane foam or has a spring inner core. It is prone to molds, dust, dirt, dust mites and other particles and micro-organisms that trigger allergies. Furthermore, the human body frequently sheds dead skin and produces natural body oils that tend to stick to the mattress and bedding. Hypoallergenic mattresses, on the other hand, are made of organic materials like natural latex, organic wool and organic cotton and linen. It is sealed so tightly that it is impossible for yucky contaminants to adhere to the surface and settle in the creases and pores. This makes hypoallergenic mattresses very popular among people with allergies (seasonal or otherwise.) There are even some healthcare facilities are now using organic mattresses on their hospital beds.

Benefits of a Hypoallergenic Mattress

Hypoallergenic mattresses, aside from thwarting allergic reactions, contributes to the general well-being of its owner. No allergy attacks while on bed means having a well-rested mind and body. Everybody knows that a good night’s sleep rejuvenates and prepares us for another day of hustle and bustle.

Other health benefits of a hypoallergenic mattress include elimination of insomnia, clearer breathing, prevention of skin rashes, and relief of joint pains.

One important quality of a mattress is its feel. Comfort is vital for you to sleep soundly. The material composition of this kind of mattress makes it more comfortable than the regular one, especially the spring-coiled bed.

The use of wool makes organic mattresses resistant to flame. Wool has anti-flame properties as proven by open-flame tests done on mattresses. Organic wool has high moisture content and protein components that are the main reason for its flame-retardant feature. It takes more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit before it ignites making it the most fire-resistant fiber known. If ever it reaches that hot and ignites, these bedding are also self-extinguishable.

Organic mattresses are environmentally-friendly because its materials are natural or organic. This makes it safer, especially for sick patients and babies.

Do what the Dalai Lama does and meditate on buying a hypoallergenic mattress and get yourself a good night’s sleep. And while you are at it, purchase organic pillows and bedding to make your dream of an allergy-free slumber come true.