Organic mattresses are those that are grown and produced with no synthetic chemicals. An organic mattress has many benefits for you and your children because of the natural materials it is safer and healthier. Many of the products used in organic mattresses are extremely beneficial because of the natural processes in production. The least expensive type is cotton mattresses up to the high end latex rubber and wool combination. Organic mattresses are safe for adults and children alike. Need more reason’s to make the switch to organic? Here’s five:

1. Wool has many benefits; it is a dust mite repellent and will keep those pesky critters away from you and your children. Wool is also a natural insulator and will keep you warm in winter and cold in summer, it also absorbs humidity.

2. Organic mattresses are hypoallergenic as they haven not been treated with toxins and chemicals. Hypoallergenic mattresses can reduce your child’s development of allergies as they are natural and will not harm the lungs with pesticides and other man-made chemicals.

3. Wool is a natural flame retardant so the mattress does not need to be treated with a synthetic retardant, making it a healthier and safer choice for you and your home.

4. Organic mattresses are environmentally friendly and biodegradable making them safer and easier to dispose of. You have the added piece of mind that workers who harvest organic wool and cotton are not exposed to man-made chemicals and pesticides.

5. A latex rubber and wool mattress has the great benefit of naturally molding to your shape for a better nights sleep. It supports the body preventing aches and pains caused by sleeping in the wrong position. Add organic bedding and you will have a fantastic night’s sleep.

Organic mattresses are incredibly beneficial to your health. When purchasing your organic mattress be sure to read the labels to make sure the products are 100% organic. Some organic mattresses are still treated with chemical fire retardants which is unnecessary especially with wool mattresses so be sure to inquire at your distributor or manufacturer about the products that make up your mattress.

Hypoallergenic, naturally flame retardant and biodegradable, an organic mattress is a safer healthier choice for you and your children. We spend over a third of our lives in bed, organic mattresses are important for your health and comfort. To really get green in the bedroom, combine your new mattress with organic bedding for a better nights sleep.