Can You Recycle Old Mattresses?

mattress recycling

Going green has become much more than a fad. It is a necessity as we begin to see the the effects that waste is having on our natural resources. Recycling is just one way that you can make a significant impact. After all, much of the space in landfills is taken up with items that will never decompose or go away. So when it comes time to replace your mattress, it makes sense to find out if and how you can recycle it.

Often the place you buy your new bedding from will take your old items. The key is to make sure that they actually recycle it. Otherwise you are just finding an easier route to help fill up the landfills. If they do not recycle then you have a few minimal choices.

At this time there are several recycling places specifically for mattresses, but they are few and far between. Chances are good that you do not live near one, unless you live in a major center. As the movement progresses you can expect more and more of them to pop up, but in the mean time you will want to find an alternative for your old bed.

Obviously, if your mattress is still perfectly usable then you can give it away. If you aren’t familiar with anyone needing a mattress then look at your local classifieds online and even recycling groups that exist in your area. You would be surprised at how many people would appreciate your old mattress because they simply have nothing else to use. You might want to skip donating it to the local thrift store because many areas prohibit that. In other words, the mattress would end up right where you didn’t want it to be.

With enough research and effort you will hopefully be able to find a way to recycle your mattress. Keeping as much as possible out of landfills is a benefit to us and the generations to come.