Can Mattresses Be Recycled?

recycled mattress

Those of us who are concerned about the environment often wonder how we can do better to protect it. We try not to waste things that we know can be recycled. There are some things that can be recycled that many of us might not know about. One such thing that can be recycled that many people aren’t aware of is a mattress.

Those of us with kids know how quickly a child can outgrow a mattress. In most cases, we simply throw the mattress out with the trash. Most people don’t seem to want to buy a used mattress. Many places that accept donations will not accept used mattresses. It’s only natural for people to assume recycling is not an option.

There are numerous places that will take our old mattresses when we know longer need them. What happens when a mattress is recycled? The mattress is striped down to its basic components. The components are then separated and resold to companies that will use them in manufacturing. The whole process of stripping a mattress down to its bare components takes around four to five minutes. The parts from a mattress can be used to make a variety of items. Everything from wood chips to clothes can be made from a recycled mattress.

So if your child has outgrown his or her mattress, recycle it. There are many facilities that will gladly pick up your mattress and recycle it. Nowadays, we are able to use search engines to quickly find anything that may be located close by – including places that recycle mattresses. It’s good to know that yet another item that we typically discard can be recycled. Just more piece of mind for those of us who care about the environment.