Can a Mattress Be Too Soft or Too Firm Organic Mattresses and Bedding

Mattresses are one of the most important components of comfort and total effectiveness of sleep. For many, finding a mattress that is the right firmness or softness is difficult and incredibly important. When choosing a mattress based on either firmness or softness there are a few things that you need to consider. Mattress firmness can have an incredibly large impact on overall comfort, effectiveness of sleep, and long term back and joint health for users.

Mattress firmness is one of the first thing that new buyers consider when they choose their mattress and though a softer mattress may be more comfortable for some, it may also be damaging to your back, posture, joints, and other factors that affect your overall sleep experience. Though firm mattresses are not great for every user, they are far better than overly soft or plush mattresses in many respects. An overly soft mattress can help add to existing back problems and can also create new ones.

When you use a mattress that is incredibly soft or pliable your spine is not kept in alignment through the course of your night. Because the mattress that you are using is soft and pliant, users tend to sink in and loose support in the lower back, the neck, and the shoulder areas which can lead to short term aches and pains in the morning and long term joint damage. Having a mattress that offers more support is key in order to insure that your spine and other areas are adequately supported to prevent compression of nerves and vertebrae and to help support healthy joints.

All that being said, a mattress can also be too firm in many respects; in many cases, a mattress that is too firm can also cause back problems and comfort problems. If a mattress is too firm it limits the amount of movement that the user has when asleep and falling asleep and it can also cause users to sleep in positions that are awkward and uncomfortable and can lead to pain and aches the next day. A mattress that is too firm can also be incredibly uncomfortable causing the user to toss and turn all night making a deep, restful sleep next to impossible.