Are Latex Mattresses Eco-Friendly?

latex mattress eco

Latex is one organic material that is originally derived from a tree known as the hevea brasiliensis tree a.k.a the rubber tree. Over the years, latex have been used in different kinds of products such as gloves, swimming caps, condoms, catheters, balloons and other products that make use of rubber. This is so due to the fact that the primary material from the production of latex is the natural rubber that continues to exist today. Thus, most of the rubber made items seen in the market in this modern day are mostly made out of latex.

As the number of uses of latex continues to increase, one of the most prominent materials today is the latex mattress. Latex mattresses can be aptly produced via two different processes. One is the Talalay process where a latex foam is filled with air and thus is lighter compare to Dunlop produced latex foam that is more dense. Nowadays, numerous synthetically made mattresses are available in the market. But nothing beats the kinds of mattresses which are naturally made from organic materials and one of which is the latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are made from freshly harvested latex producing tree and are wondrously spun to create an eco-friendly type of mattress. Each part of the mattress is naturally made with firm yet equally flexible support, permitting a rest in comfort and always at ease. In addition to this, latex mattresses harm no part of nature as compared to the synthetic types.