air dry bedding

Can it be true? Do you really need to get some air moving for the health and ‘happiness’ of your bedding? I can honestly tell you that your bed linens should all get a hefty dose of fresh air and sunshine. An even better idea is to air-dry your mattress/box springs if at all possible.

Let’s try breaking it down into some points that make sense.

Linens can become musty, stale and dingy over time. This is especially true when you continuously subject the fabric to the confines of an electric or gas dryer.

If you have bed linens made of fabric that cannot be washed easily you might be thinking that a simple shake and fluff is enough to do the job.

Mattresses may get a quick flip every couple of years-or perhaps, not at all.
Bedbugs, dust mites and other annoying little ‘critters’ can live happily in that dark, secluded and undisturbed bedding.

If you do choose to toss things into the washer and dryer you are boosting your utility bill. Besides that, a dryer is one of the most inefficient and wasteful home appliances. Do you really want to use extra electricity in this manner?

Air-drying will refresh any bedding and it doesn’t cost one cent. When you air-dry fabric you are able to bring the scent of the great outdoors into your home.

So what is a ‘green’ thinker going to do in order to properly clean their bedroom in a more eco-friendly way?

I take advantage of sunshine and fresh breezes whenever I can. When I hang the bed linens outdoors the fabrics dry in just an hour or two. The smell of fresh air and sunshine lingers on the fabric for days, and it makes sleeping a purely joyous experience.

Pillows, mattresses and any fabric covered box-springs will also benefit from a dose of sunshine and fresh air. You can even rinse stains from a mattress/box-springs with a sponge and a mixture of baking soda and water. Then let Mother Nature gently air-dry your bedding before you return it to your bedroom.