asthma bedding

The best bedding for people with asthma are dust resistant mattresses. It should be a dense latex or memory foam style mattress, as the padding does not hold, collect or attract dust. For additional protection you can use vinyl pillow protectors and anti-allergen mattress covers.

It is important to take preventative measures to safe guard your home. This starts with finding and providing the best bedding mattresses for asthma sufferers in your home. This will alleviate many asthma symptoms and improve the overall sleep for the individual with asthma. These done in conjunction with the following preventative measures will help create a much more healthy environment.

If you or someone at home suffers from asthma there are many environmental factors that can trigger an asthmatic attack. Things like chemical fumes, dust mites, animal dander, local pollution, smoke, dust, and pollen can make life worse for the asthma sufferer.

Be sure to wash all bedding regularly in hot water and frequently vacuum your mattress, bedspreads, comforters, and sheets. Also do this with all carpeted areas of the home. These preventative measures done regularly will make a huge difference, but so will having dust resistant mattresses. Having the best bedding for the asthma sufferer combined with proper household cleaning will prevent many of the causes of asthmatic attacks in the home.

Taking the right precautions and having the right bedding will change your home overnight. Soon your household will be a safe place where the person with asthma can breathe easy again.