Bed bugs can not only be annoying, but difficult to manage once an infestation has occurred. There are a number of methods that are recommended for individuals to prevent a decrease the problem from developing in their home.

Bed bugs are called thus due to their natural inclination to hide in close proximity to their meal, in this case the sleeping area of humans. With this fact in mind, people are encouraged to routinely inspect the furniture for any indications of the parasites. Bed linens should be washed and dried in as hot water as possible and dried in the same heat as well on a weekly basis. The pillows and mattress can be placed into special cases which prohibit the reproduction of the red ramblers.

Additional methods include vacuuming the house on a regular basis and thoroughly inspecting all furniture or luggage before entering into the house with it. Travelers should be aware of regions prone to these infestations and be especially vigilant when visiting. There are a number of websites which list hotels and locations where there are current problems.

Consumers have many different insecticides which can be purchased over-the-counter. Some people prefer a natural approach with the use of diatomaceous earth dusted throughout the house.

Infestations are very difficult to get rid of once it occurs and typically require professional help from an exterminator that specializes in these pests. It is important to immediately address the situation as soon as there are indications of their presence.