Many people question the use of a box spring, wondering what its purpose is. Can’t you just use a mattress? The box spring doesn’t even have an actual spring does it? So why is it important? Some say box springs are a necessity, while others can disagree and say that they aren’t.

Without a box spring, your bed is a majority of the time much less comfortable. The box spring gives the bed a little flex, in which it wouldn’t have if there was no box spring there. Box springs are also used more when using a bed where the frame doesn’t provide enough support. For example, if you have a flexible mattress, it would just fall through without a box spring. This is because the mattress does not have enough material and support to hold the bed up.

However, most modern mattresses don’t need box springs anymore. They now have much more support, in which enables mattress to stay steady not needing extra support from a box spring.

Overall, box springs are very important. However, under certain circumstances, not needed. It all depends on personal preference, what kind of mattress you have, and how sturdy your frame is so you know it will be able to hold it up. Getting another opinion, may be a good choice if getting a new bed or deciding on whether or not to get a box spring.