allergy bed mattress

Is your bed as safe as you think?

Our bedroom is our place of safety and comfort. After a long day at work the idea of drifting off to peaceful dreams in your bed is a comforting thought. But, one question you may never have asked yourself and probably should have is…”Am I allergic to my bed?”

There are literally millions of tiny little bugs, called dust mites, that live in our beds and in our pillows. Their left behind fecal material can wreak havoc on people with asthma or other breathing disorders. Dust mites survive by eating dead skin we leave behind as we sleep. Estimates say there are roughly 12 million of these nasty little devils in our beds. Not a good thought by any means. But what can we do to help cut down on these numbers?

It is advised to change out your pillows at least once a year and keep them covered with dust proof type pillow covers. Regularly wash your bedding in hot water and do your best to keep floors vacuumed. Sprinkling some baking soda on your carpets is said to help. And some people use baby powder on their mattresses. And of course dusting the house with a damp cloth or other device to trap dust is advisable. You will never be able to completely rid yourself of these nasty little bugs, but you may be able to keep their numbers to a minimum.