washing goose down comforters

The best way to care for a goose down comforter is to have it professionally dry cleaned. However, that is both costly and not the best for the environment. Instead, care for it at home.

Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle and fill it with warm water and baby detergent. Let the machine totally fill before carefully putting the goose down comforter in the washing machine. Next, put the goose down comforter in the washing machine. I like to first inspect the comforter for any tears which need to be mended before washing.

After the cycle completes, carefully remove the goose down comforter from the washer. Sometimes the comforter will get stuck at the bottom of the washer, so make sure to take your time and not tug on the comforter.

The best way to dry your goose down comforter is by hanging it to dry. If possible, hang it outside. Otherwise, hang it on a large wall in your home. The comforter should be a single thickness to dry best.

If you absolutely must dry it in the dryer, then do so on the no heat cycle. The heat will harm your goose down comforter. If drying in the dryer, I add several dryer sheets so that the comforter will smell good on my bed.