Sheex Cooling Performance Bedsheets Organic Mattresses and Bedding

If you are anything like me, it takes you about .001 seconds in bed before you find yourself overheating and trying to kick away the bedding so that your body can get at that cool air. I have always wanted to find the kind of bedding that would give me the comforting feeling of being under covers, but not smother me with heat! A company called Sheex out of South Carolina claims to have done just that. According to their website , this company has a very interesting story of how they came to be. From their own words:

On August 25, 2024, Michelle Brooke-Marciniak and Susan Walvius were coaching basketball at the University of South Carolina. They had just finished a long day of teaching at camp and we were sitting in the gym, exhausted. Michelle, a superstar athlete and fitness fanatic, was wearing her favorite performance fabric athletic gear in which she frequently trained. Susan was also wearing the same gear but made a different connection on that summer day. Where Michelle liked it for its superior moisture-wicking and quick-dry features while working out, Susan stated that she loved the drape and the feel of the fabric against her skin and then commented I would love to have bed sheets made out of this stuff. Without blinking an eye, Michelle said lets do it. So began their adventure to transform the bedding category and help people get a better nights sleep on performance fabrics.

They call the material SLEEP TECH fabric, and if it works like they say it does, it could solve the problems that many of us who run pretty hot have at night. The material transfers body heat twice as effectively as cotton, and breathe 50% better. In fact, according to the creators, these sheets even feel cooler to the touch.

Naturally, as an interior designer, my interest also lies in what colors this performance bedding comes in, and I was very happy to see a sophisticated and sexy selection of colors, including black, ecru and graphite. I have recommended these sheets to a couple clients, but since I havent tried them myself, I will have to wait and hear back from them before making a full recommendation, although if these sheets live up to their claims, Ill be getting a set for myself right away.