When we compare goose down to other materials that are commonly used in pillows and other fabric placements in the home, it clearly comes out on top as environmentally friendly. Goose down is biodegradable, meaning that if you were to abandon it out in the woods and leave it to the elements, it would degrade back into soil eventually. There are no synthetic, long lasting and environmentally hazardous materials, making it a green alternative to other traditional options.

Goose down is known for being incredibly comfortable and can do what any other synthetic material can do, if not better. It also has the added benefit of being natural, meaning that it does not give off dangerous chemicals in the event of a house fire (for example), which is another plus of choosing goose down. Down generally gives more warmth for the weight when compared to synthetics on the market, and is known for being an all around better insulator than most commercially produced fabrics.

This is because the feathers that make up down are thick and porous which traps heat much more efficiently than a checkerboard style weave found in most gourmets today. These are not all the points that make goose down a good choice for the environment, but some of the major ones to consider. Down is known for being an eco-friendly solution that will keep you warm even in the coldest of winters.