washing flannel sheets

Many people love their warm and cosy flannel sheets but caring for them can be difficult at times. After a couple of washes they can become itchy and uncomfortable. There are several tips to help prevent this from happening and keep the sheets in great. Make sure these sheet are made from one hundred percent cotton.

When laying down on flannel sheets remove any jewelry or other sharp objects that are bring worn. These sheets can be damaged from such items. When putting the sheets in the washing machine set it to the gentle or delicate cycle and use warm water. Use a gentle detergent as well. If they are being washed for the first time there is no need for detergent. It is suggested to use a half cup of white vinegar to prevent pilling. They can also be used during the rinse cycle.

After washing when putting the sheets in the dryer keep it running until they are completely dry. There is not need to use a fabric sheet. When the sheets are clean they should be folded and stored in the closet. They can also be line and stacked with dryer sheets in between them to keep the sheets fresh and smelling good.

Flannel sheets provide extra warmth and comfort. They are gentle to the touch. Taking these steps with a little extra effort will keep them looking great and staying warm.