duvet cleaning

Companies who manufacture down comforters (also known as duvets) usually recommend washing them every five years if necessary. You want to be careful to not wash them that often, as it can damage the clusters. Washing it can also shrink your duvet about 3% to 5%.

Because duvets don’t actually need to be cleaned that often, we really recommend that their cleaning be done by a dry cleaner or a commercial laundry service that has experience in cleaning down comforters.

To simply do a spot clean on your duvet, follow these instructions:

1. Shift the down filling away from the area you are going to spot clean.
2. Use a mild soap or spot remover and gently rub it into the spot that needs cleaning.
3. Rinse well with water while avoiding getting the down filling wet.
4. Use a hair dryer to dry the duvet.