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A duvet is a large quilt-like comforter. The filling, usually a type of down or synthetic substitute, is inserted into a removable and washable cover. Duvets are far more popular in Europe than North America, but they are becoming more common in today’s busy and hectic world. Some people may mistake a duvet for a comforter. However, duvets are much more practical and durable than comforters due to the removable, washable cover.

Traditionally, a duvet is used as a single bed cover, replacing multiple layers of sheets and blankets. This is why they have become much more popular. Rather than having layers of sheets and blankets to flatten and tuck, there is only one duvet that must be straightened. By using a duvet, you can make a bed in a matter of seconds versus minutes.

Washing the bedding also becomes much simpler, due to having only one piece of laundry. All of the duvet covers for the entire family can be done in one load of laundry versus multiple loads when the beds are made with sheets and blankets.

One question many parents have is if duvets are okay to use for their children. The simple answer is “yes.” Again, the convenience factor cannot be ignored. Having the child learn to make his or her own bed as a matter of habit becomes much easier with a duvet. There is one caveat. If you have small children, it is better to purchase lighter weight duvets for them. This will be more comfortable for the child in terms of weight and heat.