Royal Blue Sateen Duvet Set

The Royal Blue Sateen Duvet Set will transport you into the tranquil setting of a water wonderland. Inspired by east China’s water surroundings, the Royal Blue Sateen Duvet Set has a range of brilliant blue colors that will add a sense of serenity to any bedroom.

Beautiful graphics of trees and branches complete the look, and with a deliciously soft sateen cotton fabric, this duvet set will keep you wrapped in silky pleasure.

I recommend this bedding set for people who want some extra flair in their bedding set, and find that these kind of motifs actually look great in a seaside cottage or lakehouse setting. As far as cleaning goes, they are very simple to clean, you just need to ensure that you wash them in cold water, and ideally, dry them on a clothesline or on a cool setting in your dryer.