home cleaning down duvets

When cleaning a duvet or down comforters it is important to be as careful as possible. You should always check the tag or the manufacturers recommendations before cleaning to ensure the duvet does not shrink or become damaged. When possible, you should have the duvet professionally cleaned; however, if you must do it yourself, here are some tips to ensure a safe cleaning.

You should evaluate the cleanliness of the duvet. You will want to spot clean when possible. If your duvet only has a couple of small stains, it may be safer and more effective to simply clean the stained areas with a stain remover such as Resolve or Oxi Magic. If dirt is more apparent and a full machine wash is required. When machine washing, you should still follow some basic precautions.

When machine washing, you will want to use a gentle detergent such as Tide Free, which do not have dyes or perfumes. They are not only good for duvets, but for sensitive skin and allergies. You will also want to wash the duvet by itself. Washing with other fabrics can cause the dyes to leak on to your duvet; in addition, you will want as much room in your washer as possible.

Lastly, you should air dry your duvet. If you must use a dryer, make sure to set the dry heat to low or delicates. Using a dryer on high heat can cause the duvet fillings to clump and can also cause shrinkage.