How To Wash Goose Down Pillows

How To Wash Goose Down Pillows

Goose down pillows are made from at least 90% feathers giving them the softest possible contents. As we lovers of these popular pillows know, they are simply the best pillows there are available. I love the comfort promised at the end of the day when I retire to bed and to my goose down pillow.

Goose down pillows, like all pillows, require occasional care and cleaning. I try to wash mine one to two times per year. The first thing I do is read the instructions. I have found that most goose down pillows have similar instructions to the basic instructions for goose down pillow care I am discussing.

It is best to wash goose down pillows in a front load washer instead of a washer with an agitator. Before washing, check to make sure that there are no tears in the fabric. If this step is not taken, feathers can end up everywhere. As most instructions on goose down pillows state, it is best to wash them in hot water and set the rinse cycle to go at least twice to ensure all the feathers have released the soap they tend to hold within them.

Drying goose down pillows takes a long time, much longer than a pillow made of different fabrics, such as cotton. Each goose down pillow you dry will take approximately an hour and a half. If I am washing two, I can reasonably expect it to take around three hours time to get both pillows dry. It is best to set a timer and go fluff the pillows every twenty five to thirty minutes to ensure that bunching is prevented.

There are a few tips to stretch the time even longer in between washings of goose down pillows. Fluffing goose down pillows daily is a good maintenance step that will help keep the pillow aired out. Also, I try to always use a protectant pillow cover to keep the pillow safe from everyday dirt that could land on it.