Silk screen painting can make any inexpensive set of silk, satin, or cotton sheets go from ho-hum to glam. You can use this idea to even turn flat sheets into amazing wall hangings or curtains. Turn old sheet on hand into other items, like pillow covers, for your home too. Try this a few times on scrap cloth or something you don’t mind ruining, before doing your project.

Ingredients and Tools:
• 2-foot wide or larger squeegee
• Sheets
• 2×2 boards (enough to make 2 frames)
• 3 or 4 Vice grips or wrenches
• Self-adhesive paper or foam/rubber stamps
• Spoon
• Ink or fabric paint

1. Buy a sheet pattern or sheets for the size of bed you will be using them on. If using this recipe to make curtains, buy the appropriate size for your window cut them off on the bottom 3 inches longer than needed for a curtain and sew a 1.5 inch seam by folding it over and using magic seam or a sewing machine. If using it for pillows, follow their pattern carefully.
2. Buy a large squeegee appropriate for the size of image you desire. Buy or make a frame that just fits the length of the squeegee in either direction. Make a second frame and use a couple of vice grips or locking wrenches to tighten them together in the next step.
3. Pull the material over the frame, making the exact place you want the image or design to show up inside the frame. Have a friend help you hold it while you tighten the material over the frame as tight as possible while connecting the two frames, one below and one above, while also tightening the vice grips or wrenches onto the frame to hold the material as tight as possible.
4. Measure the self-adhesive paper to the dimensions of the frame and cut it. Then draw or trace your desired design into it. Cut out the image, remembering that wherever you cut out of the image will be where the paint goes.
5. Peel off the backing and carefully and firmly stick the self-adhesive paper to the frame.
6. Use a spoon to apply the paint or ink where desired, carefully directing it to the details.
7. Pull the squeegee in one direction no more than three times to avoid making it blurry or loosening the paper.
8. Add additional colors or details using the stamps.
9. Allow the design to dry. Remove self-adhesive paper.

How to Make Scented Bed Sheets

scented bed sheets

Scented bed sheets are a great way to brighten up a room and leave everything smelling fresh and sweet. Who wouldn’t want to crawl under covers that smelled like a garden? Learn a few simple tips to make your own scented bed sheets quick and easy.

To make a perfume to scent your bed sheets, simply pick a handful of fresh blooms and place them in cheesecloth. Place the cheesecloth over a bowl and pour in a fourth cup of filtered water. Leave overnight, then lift the cheesecloth with petals out of the bowl. What is left is lovely scented water to pour into an unscented dryer sheet. Place the dryer sheet in the dryer with bed sheets to tumble dry for a few minutes for a lovely smelling set of sheets!

An easier way to create scented bed sheets is to simply place lavender under your sheets near the foot and head of your bed where you would not feel them. The fresh flowers will help you sleep well at night and fill the room with a nice cozy scent. Also wonderful is a few drops of vanilla essential oil on a cloth under your sheets to help you feel nice and clean.

Making scented bed sheets is easy to do. All it requires is a few fresh blooms and a small bit of patience. Before long you can have sweet-smelling sheets that you will love to sleep in every single night. Nothing is more comforting than a clean smelling place to sleep, and when you have your own scented bed sheets you can have wonderful scents around you every time you lay your head down on your pillow.

organic mattress bedding

More research has been done on bedding in the past few years as we have become more educated on the negative effects chemicals, pesticides and dyes have on us and our environment. We normally sleep an average of eight to ten hours a night. At 365 days in a year, that is more than 3,000 hours we spend in our beds a year! If we sleep on mattresses, pillows and sheets that have harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes, we are exposing ourselves to this environment for over 60 hours in one week!

That is a lot of exposure to elements what can cause harm to our bodies. Some of these chemicals, pesticides and dyes have been linked to allergies, breathing problems, skin irritations and even cancer. Organic bedding is made with natural materials intended to provide us with the healthiest environment to sleep in. Below I will discuss five reasons to buy organic bedding.

1. Better for your Health:
Organic bedding is naturally better for your health! It is made without harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes. This means you will not be exposing yourself to these harmful elements, night after night.

2. Better for the Environment:
It is much better on the environment when we use materials that are naturally produced in nature. Since organic bedding is made up of cotton, natural latex from the rubber tree, wool and other naturally grown products it benefits the environment in several ways. Since there is no need to manufacture the materials, no harmful additives are required that are not compatible with the environment. Also, in the event organic bedding is thrown away, it breaks down much easier than its non organc counterparts.

3. Less Irritation:
Organic bedding has been shown to cause less skin irritation than non organic bedding. This is especially true in babies and small children.

4. Naturally resistant to bed bugs, dust mites and mold:
Studies have shown that organic bedding materials, such as wool, are a natural way to repel bed bugs and dust mites. Many material used for organic bedding are also resistant to mold.

5. Reduction in Allergies
Many people have switched to organic bedding because of allergies to dust mites, chemicals and pesticides. They have reported a large reduction in allergies when changing to all organic bedding. Because organic bedding is made with all natural materials that most people can tolerate well, it reduces the likeliness of a person developing allergies.

There you have it! Five totally legitimate reasons to buy organic bedding. This is just better bedding is better for you and the environment, which That makes is a win win for each of us and the world we live in!

bamboo bedding sheets

Bamboo bedding comes from a grass called bamboo which is grown largely in Asia. Bamboo is known as the fastest growing grass in the world. Bamboo provides ten times more yield than cotton. Recently, bamboo is being used for material to make clothing and even bedding and sheets.

A number of people prefer to use the bamboo bedding because it is organic and environment friendly. The bamboo sheets are 100 percent natural. They are biodegradable, which means they are capable of decomposing unlike plastics.

Bamboo is also a renewable resource. Even if people use this resource extensively, there is no marked effect on the environment because new bamboos can be planted to replace them.

Aside from the eco-friendly features of bamboo sheets, another reason why the bedding is better is the fact that it is more absorbent than other fabrics. This makes them very comfortable to lie on because they absorb human sweat quickly especially during humid summers.

The fabrics are also breathable. The bamboo fiber is made up minute gaps and holes which provides ventilation to the fabric. This keeps the fabric cool even when during the hot season.

Bamboo sheets are also natural hypoallergenic. People who have allergy problems will find that the fabric will keep them allergy free. The sheets will not trigger any allergies.

Bamboo bedding and sheets are also antibacterial. The fabric naturally repels insects. This is the reason why bamboo grass is used as a natural pesticide. Their natural antibacterial property helps make them effective in fighting microbes and harmful bacteria which can cause sickness.

Organic Flannel “Let It Snow” Fitted Sheet

I love this Let it Snow winter themed flannel sheet set! One of my favorite things about winter is when I get to change my sheets to my warm and comfy flannel sheets, and these ones just scream winter festivities! They even remind me of Christmas! In fact, these would make wonderful gifts to put under the tree.

The color scheme is simple and warm, and would look great in any style of bedroom, even in a child or teen’s room. The red and white color combination is a classic for the winter months, and of course, everyone loves the soft touch of flannel on a chilly night.

Brushed before and after printing for extra softness, warmth and reduced pilling, this hefty, 6-oz, after-wash luxury weight organic flannel bedding features rich, lasting color. Made exclusively for Gaiam by a legendary German manufacturer who meets rigorous environmental standards; finished without harsh softeners or chlorine.

pottery barn organic sheets

Pottery Barn offers a wide range of organic cotton bedding and mattress pads, so you will find anything you need to complete your eco-friendly bedroom there. I also love their large, seasonally changing bedding selections, which makes up a huge part of their brick and mortar stores as well as their online store. I can always find something perfect for a client from their bedding sections.

The pure organic cotton sateen has really incredible softness and durability in this particular Pottery Barn sheet set, which boasts pure organic cotton, and a 350-thread count – and don’t worry – Pottery Barn’s thread count numbers are legitimate, unlike many online retailers which often exaggerate their thread count numbers.

The pillowcases in this set are hemmed with tonal satin stitching and the set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases. The sateen quality of this sheet set makes for a luxurious and comfy sleep! They’re also super easy to clean and they dry quickly.

Silky Soft Bamboo Bedding

Silky Soft Bamboo Bedding

100% natural and exceptionally comfortable, bamboo sheets and bedding are also antibacterial and eco-friendly. But bamboo sheets aren’t just great for the environment and super soft, they also are very easy to take care of and they last a long time. They wash very well and maintain their quality after multiple washes, and they dry really fast, either in the machine or on a clothesline (which is more eco-friendly anyway!)

The structure of bamboo provides superior ventilation and wicking that keep the user cool and comfortable when hot and warm when cold. So, you can use them in the winter or in the summer and your body temperature will stay even at any time of the year. These kinds of sheets and bedding are oversized to fit high profile mattresses.


Are you the proud owner of a set of ultra-soft bamboo rayon sheets? Bamboo rayon sheets are 100% all-natural bamboo rayon, and they have the most luxurious feel and look. They are exquisitely soft to the touch with a smooth, silken finish, but these bamboo rayon sheets are also strong and durable.

Bamboo rayon sheets are also exceptionally breathable—so hot sleepers stay cool and cold sleepers stay warm and comfortable. And eco-friendly bamboo is grown without pesticides or fertilizers!

To take care of your bamboo rayon, there are some basic rules to follow for their cleaning. Don’t wash bamboo bedding in hot water, as it can make them pill and do damage to them over time. Always wash this kind of sheet in cold water!

Bamboo Cotton Pillowcase

Bamboo Cotton Pillowcase

Unison’s core collection consists of 100% cotton that is either hand-printed or screen-printed in the United States or Portugal. Their organic products are made with 100% organic fibers from certified organic plants and have a been certified as such.

This means that no hazardous, toxic, or harmful chemicals are used in any part of the production. In effect, there are no residual chemicals in the final products that are harmful to people. Lightweight and smooth, the material is naturally antibacterial, cool and moisture-wicking.

Also important to mention is how soft and comfortable bamboo fabric is! I can’t think of a more appropriate material to lay your head on at night!

Inhabit Organic Flat Sheet

If you’re familiar with my other reviews, you know I’m a big fan of Inhabit. I don’t know of a lot of other companies that so consistently create patterns and designs that inspire me the way theirs do. I can’t think of a single room in my house that doesn’t have some element in it inspired by their lovely designs.

Inhabit uses the most perfect thread counts matched with the right fabrics to guarantee ridiculous softness and comfort. The Morning Glory Organic Flat Sheet from Inhabit is made from certified bamboo and organic cotton, making it anti-bacterial and breathable. You might find yourself being late for work, missing sunday mass and staying in bed all day long where these sheets are concerned.